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BRAND NEW: Grey Ghost Precision G43/43X slide, V1, stripped, cut for RMSc

I was up late in a buying frenzy over the holidays and misread it as RMR--I already have my G43 slide cut for an RMSc and love it but I'm wanting to put an RMR on a G43X, too...note: RMSc mounting pattern will also mount any Shield RMS, as well as the new SIG ROMEO ZERO and--I think--JPoints.

The milling is amazing--the optic has to be perfectly slid into the slide--no wiggle's a better fit than my milled slide! These sell from $299-$335 new (see Ranier Arms or Aero Precision).

$225 shipped stripped to lower 48.
$265 shipped stripped WITH Ameriglo Pro I-Dot sights (model GL-305) installed (to lower 48).

I'm at JFLOW25 at gmail
Discreet PP is best. USPS MO is acceptable.
Perfect feedback on arfcom, gunbroker, and ebay--I can link you to them.

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