Well... Bought this as a base gun for a Colt Hawk conversion, plans change. I bought this nice original blued Colt MK IV Series 80 Govt. model with a plan to use it as a base gun and do some upgrades. Due to a combination to factors, I now need to let it go.
I was told It came out of a gentlemen's collection where it had sat in a climate controlled man cave for a couple decades or so. It looks to have been carried at some point and had the typical scratches and scuffs you would expect on an older classic pistol. Nothing major. Barrel looks clean. Probably carried some and shot very little. It is all stock and ready for you to customize it as you see fit. Note: the previous owner put red fingernail polish on the front sight. I'm sure it will come off but surprisingly does a great job of making the sight pop, so I haven't bothered. Very old school indeed....

It comes with two Colt magazines...

Please reach out if you have questions. I will ship FFL to FFL except where prohibited of course. I accept Paypal f&f no notes, Venmo (same way), or Zelle. I'm asking $1150.

As always thanks for looking!

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