Spelling Your Way Into Heaven

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    Once upon a time a woman died and went to heaven. When she
    reached the Pearly Gates she was met by St. Peter. She said, "Am
    I in heaven?"

    He said, "Yes, you are at the Pearly Gates."

    "Do I get to come in?" asked the woman.

    St. Peter said, "Yes, if you can spell a word."

    "What word?"

    "Any word."

    She said, "OK, I'll spell love." She did and she was allowed to

    A few minutes later, St. Peter approached her and said, "I have
    to leave for a minute. Would you watch the gate?"

    She looked astonished and said, "You want me to watch the gate?"

    St. Peter said, "Yes."

    She asked, "What do I do if someone comes up?"

    He replied, "Just what I did. Ask them to spell a word."

    As she stood looking around at all the beautiful sights in
    heaven, she saw a man walking toward the gates. As he drew
    closer, the woman recognized him. It was her husband. She was

    He walked up to the gates. "What happened?" the wife asked.

    "Well," the husband replied, "I was so upset after your funeral
    that on the way home I had an accident and died. Am I in heaven?"

    "You are at the Pearly Gates," she said.

    "Do I get to come in?" he asked.

    "Yes, but you have to spell a word," she said.

    "What word?" he asked.

    "Czechoslovakia," she replied.