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I've had a lot of trouble with the XTP's in both .45 and 9mm shedding the jackets pretty quickly. Admittedly these were older bullets so it's possible they have fixed that. The 155 gr. 10mm I just tested did not penetrate well at all and from my point of view, way over expanded. But there was no indication that the jacket and core wanted to part company, so that is good. From what I've seen in jello tests they do not penetrate very well at 10mm velocities. I'm guessing, but I think they will perform better at lower velocities, such as what you would get from a 40S&W. I do not trust the older 45 & 9mm XTP's at all and only use them for training and only because I already happen to have them!
The factory loaded Hornady 180 XTPs are an excellent 10mm carry load. I carried them on duty for the last 10 years or so before I retired. It’s a well balanced, controllable round out of a Glock 20. Penetration is good as is more typical with a controlled expansion bullet like the XTP.

I agree that 155s are on the light side for 10mm, especially if guys load them very hot. They can be pushed too fast for the bullet’s design parameters.
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