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Specific friends on Memorial Day

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by threefeathers, May 28, 2012.

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    Oct 23, 2008
    These are my friends who gave their lives ofr their country, some in the field others in the VA hospital. I will never forget them.
    I will not publish rank as it has no part here

    Richard Berg WW2, uncle Richard you enlisted with my Dad and you are among the fallen at Anzio
    Vince Lopresti WW2, Vince you were the exec officer for 'Bear' Bryant at Point Learte in N Africa, you died as I held you hand, always thinking of others.
    Richard Trumbo Korea, Dick, you were my mentor after Berlin and my strength after SE/Asia
    Jimmy Caffery, Berlin 1961, I'm sorry Jimmy I tried to help you, you never should have been there at that time.
    Jorge Salcido VN, We got your body back after you will killed by a short round, I visit your memorial on the ranch often
    Charlie Southard VN, we argued about which of us in the infantry would go first, I can't believe you got it trying to cover an ambush at Snoul.
    Jim Whitehead, VN ******* it I tried to teach everyone to keep their fingers of the trigger when unassing a vehicle under fire.
    Bobby Armbruster VN, You died in the ****ing janitors closet in the Phoenix VA Hosp as were were talking about the platoon. Agent Orange cancer before it was recognized by the VA as a problem.
    Philip Archambeau, SE/Asia, you were my mentor and didn't kill me when I killed 2 water buffalo with a Claymore during my first night ambush, I forgive you for starting your first military career with the Whermacht.
    Chuck Twomey,Berlin, VN. You were my Platoon Sgt that fateful day of October 27th 1961, and you won a Silver Star in VN. You died in the Comissary of an instant heart attack while talking to my wife.
    Ed Beasley VN, on your last day you went down to assist some fng's on how to deac a 60 mm mortar dud, the NVA hit you all with 122 mm rockets.
    James G Kleman, Cold War, you were my best friend and we enlisted together, majored in Asian Studies together, and volunteered for SE/Asia together. You were a Chinese language interp and I was eager to get into the field. As you drank yourself to death you would call me asking me to forgive you because I had 'gone though so much'. You never realized I prayed nightly for you to quick drinking so we could laugh as old soldiers. I sit on your grave and yell at you, but it is with frustration not anger.
    Collin Schockmel,Iraq, I was your coach and your mentor, I asked you not to be a 19D and you said i want to be like you coach, damn.
    Jimmy Thode, you told your wife that at 45 Dan took you into your first action in Panama,so you took a group into Afghanistan on your second deployment. I will asways wonder if I had been the town drunk instead of a mentor if you and Collin would still be alive? Tough to live with