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Spam attack

  1. Ah Houston, weeeee have a problem. Seems to be isolated to the General Glocking forum.
  2. Seems to be happening almost every morning the past couple of days or so!!
  3. Welcome to the new normal...
  4. That guy is going to win " most posts for today " award.
  5. What’s the motivation?

    nonody is going to call those numbers.
    As soon as a mod wakes up they will all be easily deleted.

    I guess being a frustrated and confused, fatherless, unemployed, freelance democrat SJW online operative manifests itself in these odd ways.
  6. I dunno, the posts seemed pretty relevant to me... :elephant:
  7. Hackers already brought down AK FILES a few weeks ago.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a coordinated attack from the communists

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  8. My first thought as well.

    Marxist attack.

    All the DU jerkoffs here were just testing the waters.

    Why take down all those spam attacks.... it's just woke Marxists trying to overcome GT servers with their "free speech" posts!
  9. Probably graduated from Vasser
  10. If only the forum would wear a mask.........
  11. The Nigerian prince apparently needed to get into the Russian bride gig.
  12. democrat-lunatic tantrum to the 30-day moratorium preventing access to political subforum...

    personally would like to see it increased to 90 days - retroactively.
  13. People complain about being unable to be approved on their first try or in a timely manner when signing up to GT. How does this mass amount get through.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Someone had to approve the new member.
  16. It's happening a lot lately
  17. Goins on rt now,all over GT.'08.
  18. Can masks help in our fight against this spreading unchecked insidious socialism virus?
  19. Jesus.
  20. [​IMG]
  21. Don’t think it was from him....
  22. I'm not seeing anything.

    Is this bogus threads being started by bogus new members?
  23. They are still there now; haven’t been deleted yet.

    Yes, posted by a member who joined today.
  24. Yes. They are still there, in the General Glocking Forum as of 10:35 AM EDT.
  25. Zonny's bra link doesn't work anymore. :rant:

  26. 7:45a here. 'Not seeing them.
  27. So strange. Not a single thing to be seen here.

    Them internets sure do work in mysterious ways.
  28. Person of interest:
  29. Okeydokey - either my brain has finally, completely melted... or.... some meggascrubbing of the GT servers generated a nanosecond of the following: (2002?) :)
  30. There's a ghost in the machine!!!!
  31. You guys think you are all hilarious.

    Next time you need to fight off a black-magic spell, don't come crying to me.