Southport (IN) man 'pulls' gun in gas station confrontation

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    A customer caused a stir at a Greenwood gas station this afternoon when he pulled a gun from his car after becoming upset by how he long he had to wait in line.

    Michael D. Maines, Southport, said he retrieved his gun because he felt threatened by another customer whom he admitted chiding at Murphy Oil USA, located outside the Wal-Mart store at County Line Road and Emerson Avenue in Greenwood.
    An argument had escalated just before 12:30 p.m. between Maines -- who said he is 65 but whom police say is 72 -- and a 61-year-old Indianapolis man. After the 61-year-old completed a lengthy transaction, a frustrated Maines scolded him, Maines said after the incident.
    "I said, 'I've been waiting all this time for you to get cigarettes,' and he shoved me," Maines said.
    "He followed me to my car," Maines continued. "So I got my gun."
    Police arrived after a witness called 911. Officers handcuffed Maines and forced him to lie on the ground. Afterward, his wrists bled from where he had been handcuffed.
    "They took my gun and my license (for the gun) and everything else," Maines said. "I was just trying to defend myself."
    Police did not arrest Maines but will turn over facts they collected to the Johnson County Prosecutor's office, said Joe Pitcher, Greenwood police chief.
    "Several witnesses were adamant that he was out of control and others said they didn't see anything," Pitcher said. "We did confiscate his gun while it's being sorted out."
    Incidents like today's become more common in the summertime, Pitcher said.
    "The heat and humidity (provokes) people (to) get a little overstressed," he said. "Everybody just needs to slow down. Keep your cool."

    Contact Star reporter Bill McCleery at (317) 444-6083.
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    Geez, when did this state become Arizona or Texas?

    Everyone off to yoga! Learn to breath deeply.