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South Dakota AG kills a guy with his car

  1. Searched here, but couldn't find anything.


    South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg reported hitting a deer with his car on Saturday night but actually killed a pedestrian whose body was not found until the next day, state investigators said Monday. Ravnsborg's office has said he immediately called 911 after the accident on a rural stretch of U.S. Highway 14 and did not realize he had hit a man until the body was found.



    Gov. Kristi Noem promised a transparent investigation Tuesday, saying she was bringing in outside investigators. A crash reconstruction expert from Wyoming and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation are helping the state Highway Patrol with the investigation. Noem gave no timeline on when details would be released.
  2. So was to lazy to stop and get out and look, sounds like drunk or distracted driving to me
  3. I'm not sure how you would not know you hit a person... Or how you mistake a person for a deer? WTF? I agree with the poster above, alcohol involved, or distracted driver-cell phone, radio, eating fast food, etc;
  4. He had time to sober up and he did report an impact. I'm betting he gets a slap on the wrist.
  5. Smells pretty fishy on the face of it
  6. He says he called 911 and searched the area.

    I'm pretty sure the deceased man did not go very far if the impact was enough to disable the vehicle. I'm curious what the road looked like at the impact site and where the body was found in relation to the evidence of impact.
  7. Hits something in the road and never stops to check on who or what he hit or even if the car is safe to drive? WOW! What if that animal or person was still alive? If that is not the definition of depraved indifference then I don’t know what is. Absolutely agree with the presumption of drunk/drugged/distracted driving.

    How can he still have the ability to do his job? Is there not a conflict of interest at this point?

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  8. I remember I hit a raccoon or opossum (can't remember which....I think it was a coon) years ago with my mother's minivan at night on the highway at 65 MPH. Thing was gigantic, and even though the highway was lit, I didn't see the animal until the headlights caught the glint of his eyes, but by then it was far too late. The "boom" was very significant, and I DEFINITELY knew I hit something and pulled over immediately.

    A full-size man? Yeah, there would be significant damage to his car at those speeds. At the very least, I would have looked around for the deer.....in doing so, he probably would have seen the man.
  9. He borrowed the sheriff's personal vehicle to drive the rest of the way home.
  10. Hmm. Moved the body 50 yards into the brush first? There must be more to this story.
  11. Am I the only one who is disappointed that this thread wasn't about a BLM roadblock?
  12. Why do so many of you jump to conclusions and hope for the worst?

    Isn't that what BLM rioters do?

    I'll wait for results from the investigation before I crucify anybody.
  13. It worked for one of our local judges who hit and killed a guy coming back from a card game. He said he did not know he hit anyone, despite witnesses saying he stopped, got out of his car and looked at the body. He went home, parked his car in his garage and went in his house and went to sleep. Allegedly, police went to his home, knocked on the door and when no one answered they left. Despite his card playing buddies saying he was visibly drunk when he left the game, he was tested the following day and passed.
  14. He`ll walk. Two different sets of laws in this country, their law`s, and our law`s.
  15. He probably thought it was a looter and just kept scanning for the next target.
  16. Jeez, it's South Dakota. I'm surprised he didn't take it home and have it mounted.
  17. As someone that hit 4 deer, 2 at one time. You know when you hit a deer if you stop an look. I wouldnt be surprise if he wasnt drinking or something.
  18. Does he also work for the Clinton's on the side?
  19. I call BS. All the deer I hit or almost hit I saw, dark or not.
  20. The advent of Blm has added a third set of laws
  21. I'll wait for the investigation.

    What was the terrain?

    I hit a 60 lb. doe on Christmas Eve several years ago, after dark, on way to rural family gathering. Had to search pretty hard to find her. Flipped over top of drivers side and down an embankment.

    I put it out of it's misery and local Sheriff's Deputy pulled up in his truck and took her home to eat.
  22. Quite a difference between a 60 pound doe and a grown man...
  23. Anyone remember Ted Kennedy who left a girl to drown and then called the PD the next day. Im sure he had to sober up
  24. I had a deer run into the side of my car during rutting season back when I lived in Virginia. The impact caved in the driver's side door. I had to get out on the passenger side. Don't know how anyone could hit a person and not know it unless they were completely ****faced.
  25. Maybe.

    Depends on several factors.

    Angle of the hit, terrain, how the victim fell after impact, etc.

    Hence the need to investigate before drawing a firm conclusion. Doesn't really matter what someone else did (including myself), or damage to a different vehicle in a different instance.

    Just saying I don't trust much I see in the news anymore, especially first reports, why should this be correct?
  26. Yup, straight out of the Ted Kennedy CYA Play Book.
  27. 100%
  28. Sure! I wack something at night. I go home and get some sleep. Think I will go back and see what I hit. Oh my, that wasn’t a bad dream. Hmmmmm, down to BOUT .03 now. Better report it. Pat self on back.


  29. Where did you get this info?

    The 2 linked stories don't list the guys statement, only that he gave one. One of them also said he immediately called 911.

    There's lots of useless info about his political life, where he was coming from, opinions of the victims family members, and no investigative information.

    So how did you get to a Teddy Kennedy scenario?
  30. I've seen people get yeeted pretty good at sub freeway speeds. Whenever we had a rollover with people maybe ejected we would make a point of looking farther than we would expect, just in case.
  31. Maybe the guy that got hit was in a deer costume. Like one of those furries that dress up and go to parties that way. Saw an episode of C.S.I. where something like that happened.
  32. I apologize. I still can’t find the part he had a young woman in his car.

  33. Depends on his political affiliation.
  34. Maybe it wasn't a man after all...
  35. I drew no firm conclusion. I simply don't believe you can hit a person with a car and not know it. I've hit plenty of animals, and not one has gone unnoticed.
  36. My question is, was the victim drinking? Where on the roadway was the pedestrian when hit? Normally one doesn’t drive on the shoulder or walk in the roadway.

    Most I’ve know that got hit while walking were drinking.
  37. Shouldn't be hard to find where the initial impact of the person who was hit. Just about every ped accident I investigated the peds were knocked out of their shoes and the shoes were still tied just sitting there in the street.
  38. Or maybe just a hat...
  39. I always thought that was BS til I seen it several times myself. Unbelievable that the shoes are right there!

  40. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news...n-ravnsborg-fatal-crash-statement/5802169002/

    For those not inclined to click the link:

    1. Ravonsborg knew he hit something. Thought it was a deer.

    2. He called and waited for the police at the scene. He and the deputy looked for the deer he thought he'd hit and neither saw the body in the dark.

    3. He came back when it was daylight and found the body.

    4. He denied drinking and has provided witnesses from the dinner he was at to prove it.

    Seems to be nothing to see here, folks.
  41. I hope that is the case. Still had very sad situation.
  42. I don’t know guys...... I’ve hit f’n deer at night and l only new it was a deer because i saw the bastiage run into the side of the vehicle(s)..... Man thud ..... deer thud? I know only because I saw it.
    There was a similar death in Bensalem PA a few years ago..... the body was knocked into the bushes and was not found until the next morning.
    Can’t tell you if the driver was impaired but the pedestrian certainly was.
    I’m going to stand by and watch and see how this works out
  43. This all sounds like the plot to the first episode of "Line Of Duty" where the possibly drunk driver thought she hit a dog, but it turned out to be her own accountant who became aware of her money laundering.
  44. I hit a deer that jumped over a 6 foot fence right into my grill. It was pitch black. I got out and looked for it. After I got back in my car I realized that I could have been killed very easily.
  45. So what are ya sayin`Mike, the guy committed caraside somehow...? We all know about clinton`s arkanside, but this caraside is sumptin`new!

  46. Me neither Brother, didn't mean to pick at you, but it seems many here are just soooooo sure that they know what happened. Except that they don't.

    I don't know this guy, maybe he was getting blown while main lining heroin as he watched porn on his phone at 100 mph... but the info presented (if even accurate) doesn't reveal anything more than:

    Politician was driving, hit something, called the cops, and later it was determined that he'd apparently hit a person. Lots of unanswered questions.

    Hence waiting for the investigation results seem a logical thing to do.
  47. This. He's hiding something. And yeah, I'm jumping to a conclusion so there. Lol!
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