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South African police

  1. Beretta px4 storm

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  2. That's a Beretta PX4 Storm. I worked for several years with a fellow LEO who had also been an LEO in South Africa before becoming a US citizen. He said that back when he was a copper over there, they used a South African copy of the Beretta 92, so I would say the PX4 Storm would be a likely replacement for current officers. I owned one in .40 S&W, and it was an outstanding weapon.

    As a side note, based upon his stories, it would seem to me that the cops over there see quite a bit of action, and don't waste their time on the trivial nonsense that we are forced to deal with here.
  3. Berreta storm....oops got beat to the answer...
  4. Thanks all. I guessed it was a SA handgun, like a Vektor.
  5. Seems like a good reason to learn to shoot left handed. If you have to worry about shooting while riding like that, it’s best to be able to keep power going to the wheels
  6. it's kind of like hog hunting except it's against 2 legged feral criminals, anything goes in the roughlands as long as the innocents are spared the unpleasantness of gore in the front yard.
  7. His first shots had houses in the line of fire. Sorry but that's idiotic, especially for a longer range shot one handed while moving while driving a motorcycle.
  8. It's just trivial nonsense, we could all just learn to duck as we hear the sound of a motorcycle passing by after all...
  9. South African Vektor copy of the Beretta PX4
  10. I agree
  11. Especially since it's so common over there:animlol:
  12. In certain *other countries* they don't get too worked up about 'collateral damage' to innocent bystanders caused by errant police rounds as long as the bad guy gets his at the end of the affair - either dead with one in the noggin', or wounded on the ground screamin' like a beeatch. :whistling:
  13. I was referring to the South African cops in general, not the specific actions in this incident. It is my understanding that they don't waste their time in barking dog complaints, and that type of nonsense.
  14. True story.

    I lived in Namibia as a boy. And we rented a car once and found an R1 in the trunk. A South African FN FAL.

    They make good weapons, or used to, until the western liberal ruined the place.
  15. There's video of a Brazilian cop pumping rounds into a car from the air with houses nearby.

    Don't **** with Brazilian or South African cops.
  16. Or be anywhere nearby when someone else IS ****ing with the Brazilian or South African cops :cheers:
  17. How's this for crazy:

    From Las Vegas, I believe. You have to FF to about 3:20 in the video. The officer starts shooting through the windshield at high speed on busy streets, driving with one hand or his knees at a couple of points. I understand he was returning fire. Is it just me, or is this crazy? Would love to here thoughts from some LEO's here.
  18. I think he closed the distance enough before firing, but pretty wild. Hard for me to say we should let that guy get away.

    But not a cop.
  19. Career LEO here, and I have seen the video many times. I work in a jurisdiction where we chase until the wheels fall off, and that includes across the nearby State Line, and anywhere else a bad guy wants to go. As for returning fire like this guy did... I approve.

    My experience tells me that anyone willing to shoot at a cop, is willing to kill anyone. In my state, the murder of a police officer is a surefire way to catch a penalty of either death, or life without the possibility of parole. Once someone fires at us, it is game on, until the game is over. Period.

    If you run, I might order my guys to stand down and discontinue the chase if your driving becomes so reckless that it unnecessarily endangers the public. But, if you shoot at one of us, I won't call them off. We will pursue you, we will return fire, we will ram your car, we will do whatever is necessary to either take you into custody, or render you incapable of harming anyone.

    I know some jurisdictions have made some changes to their pursuit policies, and we have had some go south with LEO's/suspects/innocents being seriously injured or killed. As a result, we will discontinue a chase if need be, but not of you shoot at us. At that point... Anything goes.
  20. I watched a documentary on 2002 about the South African Pursuit Police who's sole purpose is to go after car thieves and jackers. Two cops per car. Here's the procedure:
    1. Cops spot stolen car.
    2. Cops announce over loudspeaker that driver needs to pull over within 10 seconds, or lethal force will be used.
    3. The thief / jacker never pulls over.
    4. Passenger cop leans out the window with R4 assault rifle hosing the car, mag after mag.
    5. Car crashes.

    The car is always destroyed, but the message gets sent.
  21. Wonder what the insurance rates are
  22. Sounds like Mad Max, the original one.

  23. Pick your ammo that goes thru the windshield like butter.
  24. South Africa also has BMWs and Mercedes with the following anti carjacking options:
    1. Bullet resistant glass.
    2. Electrified door handles.
    3. A spring loaded blade that sweeps out from along the running boards / between wheel wells that can chop through two legs.
    4. 45 degree angled flamethrower nozzles, one beneath the drivers door, and the passenger door.

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aLhWzMOccTg

    I assume insurance rates would be lower with these precautions.
  25. I’m talking more about the insurance rates for the car owner. Your car gets stolen, it’s either moved and gone forever, or the cops fill it with lead and set it on fire after cutting off the drivers legs apparently.
  26. No, those options are for car owners, not cops. Think of it like having a car alarm to lower insurance rates, except it's a little more pro-active. I don't know if car owners get reduced rates for onboard anti carjacking weapons, but it would make sense.
  27. I gotcha. I misread thinking it was the anti-theft police unit.
  28. Somewhere between Left Nut and First Born, I imagine.