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    The thread about the stuff the dude was carrying in his truck got me thinking. What's in YOUR jump bag?!?!?

    I got a stetho/bp cuff, couple of mini-mags, few MT dressings, various widths of roller gauze, 4 by 4s, 5 by 9s, couple of forceps (we can clamp a bleeder in our council, if NO other option to control a bleed), and some bandaid-type self-adhesive dressings. Used to have a cold pack and a handful of ACSes, but the ice=pack leaked and took out the ACSes......

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    Condoms & a anti Zombie kit:banana: :banana: :banana:

    Otherwise just a basic EMT BLS kit with OPA's NPA's and everything else ya might need except O's. Figure that since we live and travel in remote areas's it's better to have to much than not enough.

    Might even throw in a D tank and a NC or 2 cuz it can take an hour or more for help to arrive on a good day in some areas we travel/camp in.

    Heck, I've ran hot 30 min one way to a Chest Pain on a paved 2 lane road before getting to his turn & then it was another 10 min on gravel before we arrived.