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    Feb 22, 2010
    first post on GT !

    so i've been doing a lot of research on firearms, gun rights, ccw, etc the past year or so and decided to get my pistol license and start practicing concealed carry in the next few months. i have my pistol permit app in as of a few weeks ago, nra basic pistol course on sunday, and am looking to pick up a glock 26 soon. i feel like im doing a pretty good job of covering all my bases as far as learning proper firearm usage and gun laws, last thing i want to do is jump into firearms without a clue like some people do. is there anything else i should be doing besides practicing at a gun range?

    which brings me to my original reason for posting... i live right inside of 285 in atlanta and im looking for a good place to go practice shooting and maybe even pick up a glock 26 from. i went through the range sticky and nothing really popped out at me. any suggestions?

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    Jan 29, 2010
    Hi Caliber is the best indoor range I've ever been to. It's up in Holly Springs, but it's definitely worth the drive. You can shoot pistols and rifles, and there is no time limit (just pay $15).

    Wild West is good too; it's $10 an hour (no rifles though). It's up in Marietta/Austell.
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