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Something wicked comes this way.........

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Something wicked comes this way..........picked this up today............

Its an Armalite lower receiver I bought today, and I then installed the UBR from my LWRC on it. It came from the factory with the 2-Stage trigger, and should go nicely with the RECCE rifle build I am doing right now. It will be topped off with my spare Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4x TR24G on a LaRue LT-139 SPR-E mount.

The upper I bought is currently being built; It's a Palmetto State Armory 16" Stainless Steel barreled Mid-length with 1/8 twist, and a .223 Wylde chamber.

Can't wait to get it; as I said, it should prove to be a nice RECCE rifle.

As for my LWRC M6-SPR.......beings I took the stock from it off, and put it on the new Armalite lower, I had to have a stock for the LWRC, so naturally, I took the money I saved by going with the Armalite lower vs. the LMT lower, and put it towards a MagPul PRS stock. So far, I'm LOVING it on the LWRC, and it totally balances that sucker out. I absolutely love how adjustable it is, and when I shoulder it, my cheek and eye falls right in-line with the Trijicon AccuPoint TR20-2G 3-9x I have on it. I plan on putting rounds downrange with both the PSA build, and the LWRC w/ PRS stock once the PSA upper arrives.

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Thanks for the comments, guys. I don't have a money tree (though I wish I did), but I did suffer not being able to go out and party all the time back before I got married. I pack-rated my money and paid literally everything off after my 1st deployment.

As an update, that lower, is now in the process of having an ATF Form 1 filled out. I'm gonna SBR it. Hoping to get the completed Form 1 and Certificate of Compliance, and Fingerprints mailed off by November 1st, which will hopefully have me my Tax Stamp by March. :faint:
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