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Something To Try

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockrunner, Jul 27, 2004.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Pass this on to anyone who likes sitting out in the evening or when they're having a cookout.

    So you don't like those pesky mosquitoes, especially now that they have the potential to carry the West-Nile Virus?

    Here's a tip that was given at a recent gardening forum:

    Put some water in a WHITE dinner plate and add a couple of drops of "Lemon Fresh Joy Dish Detergent". Set the dish on your porch, patio, or other outdoor area. I'm not sure what attracts them, the lemon smell, the white plate color, or what, but mosquitoes flock to it, and drop dead shortly after drinking the Lemon Fresh Joy/water mixture, and usually within 10 feet of the plate. Check this out --- it works just super!!! And pass it along to your friends.