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Something just happened. Secret Service ended Trump briefing.

  1. Trump was doing a briefing and was just lead away after speaking with an agent.
  2. Not going to say aliens, but it's aliens. :ufo:
  3. Press is going crazy and armed agents were seen.
  4. Reports of shots fired at White House while Trump was giving the briefing.
  5. And...here we go.
  6. Secret Service is giving aid to someone that has been shot.

    Trump back at the podium.

    Edit: Trump confirms the Secret Service shot the person.
  7. Test run?
    Peaceful protester?
    Terminal TDS?
  8. Better pray folks... this is gonna get worse for our president. I pray every day for Trump & Family.
  9. It wasn't one of the GT TDS crew was it?
  10. The democrat/communist party will stop at nothing.
  11. The democrat/communist party will stop at nothing.
  12. And he's peeing in their Wheaties anyway.
  13. I can point out several TDS`ers in here that would love to see trump takin down.
  14. Sec. Serv. fired two shots at a dude. Said dude down.

    Then they transported said dude to hospital who, along the way, was allegedly screamin' & cryin' like a well-beat beeatch, :upeyes: ... so yes, definitely an Antifa jadrool.
  15. I`m doing MY job to help this president to piss in their wheaties as well.
  16. I’m kinda glad the perp wasn’t killed. Instead the shot was “a coup stick” shot, that showed this punk wasn’t worth killing.

  17. Let him suffer with no pain medication.
  18. Must have been a peaceful assassination attempt.
  19. God Bless the Secret Service. I don't like Trump, but I sure as Hell don't want him killed.
  20. The left is non-stop blaming Trump for the violence in this country while doing zero to condemn it, only encouraging it by their inaction.
    The only way they will win any election in the near future is to steal it. The sh*t is about to hit the fan folks.
  21. Oh, it's his fault alright. The poor people are so upset by, by, by, uhh, you know that black guy that got shot in the throat and couldn't breathe that they jist had to steal all that stuff from the stores and all that booze taken was for a sick old Aunt who needed a toddy.
  22. [​IMG]
  23. And as I said before...

    They WILL try...
  24. is that the shooter?
  25. No.
  26. That’s a meme.
  27. CNN, MSNBC, BET just released this picture of the perp in the get away vehicle

  28. :laughabove:
    Now that's funny. I don't care who you are!
  29. Glad secret service took care of the issue and everyone is safe.

    Seems people are making a lot of assumptions here about what the person's intent/target was. He could have been after Nancy, he could have been after the press - we simply don't know what happened. But the environment in this country is so toxic people will use any excuse to demonize the side they don't like.

    I think Trump did a great job coming back after the incident and calming everyone down.
  30. I sure hope you're voting for him. It's Trump or a vote for the criminals and chaos with Biden.
  31. Christ, in another 10 minutes you could have actually known what was going on.....
  32. Huh. Ruger .22? In full view?.
    Doesn't seem like this fellow had much of a plan.
    Hinkley wannabee?
    Garden variety paranoid schizophrenic?

    Give me a minute and I can jump to a few more uninformed conclusions.
  33. He sure didn't like being shot.
  34. Did someone jump the gun n the White House seige thing???
  35. Boy, ..........you can say that again!
  36. He acted like it hurt
  37. No sound, but it looks like he waved off a command before getting shot. I guess there really is no white privilege.
  38. Odd gait, looking down, dismissive of command, somewhat overweight, casual handling of weapon.

    I'd say our boy is off his meds.
  39. 2016.
  40. I would guess that he found out no means no. Especially when it's the SS telling you.
  41. It doesn’t look like a Glock, are SS still using the P226?
  42. Just a little bit.

    I liked the tactical tuck and roll he did, that was pretty sporty.
  43. Well, it was breaking and unknown at the time. The SS stopping a live briefing and taking the President away quickly isn't common.
  44. ?
  45. their twitter feed confirms one of their officers also ended up in hospital. still no press release on their site though.
  46. Hope the officer is OK..
  47. Instant hero to the left. "Peaceful giant". Pelosi will be the first to visit him in the hospital...