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These guys are great! Apparently Rick from Ameriglo saw one of my earlier posts regarding some Ameriglo sights that I had ordered. He also learned from my post that I had ordered an mgw from TopGlock.

Rick PM's me indicating that TopGlock may be out of mgw's and advises that I call, and that if they are out, he would try to have one dropped shipped from Ameriglo. Now that's what I call "taking care of your patrons"!

Anyway, I called TopGlock and indeed, they were out of pushers. And not just out, but like 2 weeks out! I'm not sure if TopGlock was planning to call me or just leave me hanging for the next 2 weeks, but I'm glad I called.

Rick went out of his way to be helpful, and because of that, all of my current and future pistols will wear Ameriglo!
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