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Some women have no idea how beautiful and talented they are.

  1. I'm in awe.

  2. Is that what you tell the drunk ugly ducklings on Friday nights?
  3. Well, she is a great singer, and no, I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Especially if she has a big recording contract.
  4. Susan Boyle has a great voice and big recording contract too............
  5. Women who are beautiful and not stuck on themselves are the diamonds in the rough. I got lucky.
  6. I could see her staring as a Bond girl, and singing the title song.
  7. Since you brought it up,,,

    This is Svetlana. Watch her fly...

  8. tagged
  9. Too bad she nags you all the time.
  10. I'm still looking...
  11. Some women think they are more beautiful and more talented than they really are, so I guess it all averages out in the end.
  12. I'd hit it happily.
    And yes,,,,she's got a good set of pipes
  13. Yep...she is amazing...such a voice...I've heard her before...beautiful through and through...
  14. She bombed on The Voice.

  15. no...its what you TELL them BEFORE you get them drunk....jeez (rookies)...
  16. I've maintained for years, women are hands down the greatest thing God ever created. We see them strong, we see them vulnerable, we see them as deadly snipers with over 300 kills and we see them as mothers.

    They are simply amazing, wonderful, empowered, and worthy of our admiration and worship.

    When they are like this, self conscious, lacking in self confidence, shy, yet completely convey who they are through whatever medium they choose, just reinforces why I find them so fascinating.
  17. This thread made me go on another Lindsey Stirling binge.

  18. I like her.
    Cute and frisky!
  19. I was perfectly happy watching that on mute.
  20. great voice and perfect song for her.
  21. That wasn't Adele. I was expecting Adele.
  22. That sure made this old man smile!
  23. Patience friend,they're out there.:highfive:
  24. :goodpost: