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Some stupidity from my school district

  1. I'm not too active in this covid-hole, but something interesting today I thought worth sharing. Got an information call from the local Board of Ed, explaining what was going on with our schools reopening on Sept 8th. (yeah, they delayed it from the original date already) Because of recent 'hotspot flareups', my State has adopted some color-coded danger zone foolishness. Green, yellow, orange, red. Because of a few kids at the local community college and some old folks home people testing positive, the county jumped to "orange" now. So the school board just wanted to let us know that if the county remains orange on Sept 8th, the kids cannot come back to school in-person. They will ALL have to participate in remote e-learning from home. And there will be no sports competitions between schools while our county is orange.

    But sports practices can and will be held.

    Now, as someone who participated in some sports in high school ... as most of you also probably did ... I can't find a shred of sense in this. Can you??? It's not ok to come to school, but it's perfectly fine to be getting sweat drenched and tackling each other and yelling in each others' faces for several hours every day. Yeah, science.
  2. Sounds asinine to me. Let the kids go to school, practice and play. Enough of the over hyping of this virus.
  3. Same crap here. I'd complain about the sports but since I think they should go to school in person...I'll just laugh at the hypocrisy.

    Maybe golf, cross country, tennis. But Football and even soccer, you can't get much more breathing in each other's face than that. So if you can huff on each other then you should be able to space out in a classroom.
  4. Science is bogus.
  5. As I have been saying, ad nauseum, it’s the kabuki theatre of infection control.

    Another example, we go to a sushi place that took out all the soy sauce bottles, but left the squeeze bottles of eel sauce. Truly bizarre logic that makes my teeth itch.
  6. The Skeere is on. You won’t see a completely mask-less America until...?
  7. Some stupidity?

    Welcome to the start of the rabbit hole called public education
  8. Never. Has anyone said?