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Some people just deserve a terrible death

  1. In modern America, If he were indeed found guilty, I’d be satisfied if the Death Penalty were just carried out within a reasonable amount of time. “Ole Sparky” would be barbaric enough for me. But just do it, damnit. No twenty year, 381 appeal wait.
  2. I agree if there are two or three eyewitnesses, or the overwhelming equivalence with the DNA results.
  3. Of course. The evidence does need to come forth. Beyond that Reasonable Doubt. I’m all for hard justice, death penalty in some cases - but the guilt must be established. Believe many Americans are just fed up with horrific crimes not receiving the punishment they believe is proper and proportional. Then the mob psychology begins to take hold.
  4. NEVER let a child go into a public restroom alone.
  5. The true reason for swift sure justice is to prevent vigilance committees from becoming active.

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  6. This is turning into a contest to see who can come up with the most painful, gruesome etc. punishment.

    Trial, conviction, prison. Put him in the general population. Let nature take its course.
  7. I still seriously advocate a Mega-Max prison. Maybe Dugway Utah or Indian Springs Nevada. No guards inside. Just outside. Once in they never get out. Just pump in utilities and supplies. Let the animals govern themselves.
  8. prayers for the child. I hope her parents never talk about this incident with her so it can be forgotten and not cause her more torture and harm as she gets older.
  9. I certainly can see puking at Micky-D's - but .......

    Going into the female washroom and locking the door - "finding the girl on the toilet", etc.

    If you are a guy, you are free to pitch a "Royal with Cheese" ANYWHERE - except the women's washroom.

    Also - I'm wondering where were the chaperones ? The insurance for our church requires that the washroom be checked before the child goes in, and must standby outside the washroom until the child comes back out. If the child needs assistance, two adults (of the same sex as the child) must be present.

  10. Several years ago, a local guy "went crazy" and started stabbing people at a local grocery store. When a guy with a HCP and a pistol yelled - "drop the knife, or I'm gonna shoot you" - he somehow regained is senses and dropped the knife and surrendered.

    He was later found not guilty by reason of insanity. Seems like he suddenly became sane when his saw the 9mm pointed at him.




    They said he would probably be Ok as long as he stayed on his medication - whiskey-tango-fox?​
  11. You should have told them you identify as a child and sued them for discrimination and harassment. :D