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Some people just deserve a terrible death

  1. Sometimes words just fail me.
  2. I would want a variable speed control on the chipper. It’s doesn’t need high RPMs to do the job.
  3. I'm not into cruel and unusual punishments. Just try and execute. Acts like this prove beyond reasonable doubt that this animal should stop wasting our air.
  4. My wife had a good take; I just think [we] are much closer to the "end" than ever before"
  5. As to your tag-line...Nothing we could ever do to him on this earth compares to what awaits him after death...The Bible tells us "It would be better for him to be cast into the Sea with a millstone around his neck, than to harm a child"
  6. Fire up THE BULL!

  7. As a general rule I agree but if he is guilty of this I could go with death by fire ants, the wood chipper is too fast.
  8. I totally agree with you. I think God has some special plans for child abusers.

  9. evil does exist
  10. I've got to stop reading threads that are obviously going to be terrible.
  11. Let’s allow him his day in court. If there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt then convict him.

    I hate the idea of trying people in the court of public opinion.

  12. A few questions. Was it a Men's room? Was he dressed as a male? Is this another example of sex offenders exploiting the gender bathroom confusion of the left in order to access victims? We were assured this would never happen and we were called bigots and homophobes for suggesting it.
  13. Not a lot of concrete info here.

    As unpopular as this opinion will be, there's a fair chance this guy walks on the charges, based solely on the info from the article.

    Only the weirdness of locking the door, the girls statements, and the suspects statement to the witness. Not even what the guy did after the witness spoke to him in bathroom. Did he try to flee? Go sit back down?

    I hope the PD did a thorough job and obtained solid evidence. If not, a good attorney has some ammo to fight with, again just based on the article.
  14. From the lack of information in the article, my "assumption" is that he was spending time in the Playland area watching the kids. When the little girl went to the restroom, he saw her go to the bathroom alone, and seized on the opportunity.

    Changes may be that he's a registered sex offender... or should be... and he was stalking kids in the Playland area.

    I hate to say it, but Gokyo has a point. The outstanding journalism of the article doesn't give us enough concrete facts to convict.... but we're probably right anyway.

  15. A lot more info out of CBS in OKC. I'm having trouble getting it to link though.

    No doubt there was solid probable cause for his arrest. It would also seem, from the 2nd article, that a rape kit was probably ordered and secured.

    If true, I'd happily volunteer for wood chipper duty.
  16. He should be able to prove his side of it, if it's true.
  17. I have thought long and hard about the punishment for such crimes.

    What I have come up with that seems to me the best punishment is as follows.

    1)Plain pine box nailed shut with piece of **** child rapist alive inside.

    2)bury box.

  18. Since this nation doesn't have the spine to do what's right and execute these air thieves and do it promptly not 20 yrs after the crime, I hope his prison buddies beat this beast down so often that he dies soon after being incarcerated. Don
  19. My usual response, from Poul Anderson:
    "We are civilized people and there is no need to be cruel and vindictive. Just take him outside and shoot him."
  20. If found 100% guilty.... buried alive would be suitable.
    Should pump oxygen into his pine box though, while buried. Prolong his life while buried alive.
    Should also install a camera to transmit live shots for all to see. A teaching lesson maybe?
  21. Nobody watching the 4 year old?
    Don't get me wrong, if the dude's guilty, he should meet a horrific death, but, it's not like this is a rare occurance. These scumbags are everywhere just waiting for some fool to turn their head. There's a reason they're called "predators". No one would leave a briefcase full of money unguarded, how much is a child worth?
  22. Give him his day in court. If convicted, .22 behind the ear. I really don't see why we just don't standardize that practice, and instead mess about with pharmacological concoctions, electricity, and asphyxiants. The .22 is cheap, efficient, and painless.
  23. The subject is damn fortunate things played out the way they did. Could’ve gone a totally different way had a righteous person gotten to him first. I’m all about our justice system, but some things a man just can’t tolerate.

    Like raping a tiny little girl.

    I’m sorry guys, but a bullet/rope/electric chair is too fast a death for people like this. If convicted, I really like the wood chipper idea. I like ants better.
  24. Depending on the day I kinda have 2 thoughts here.

    On my best days I would say this man is very sick, and maybe sick people can be understood and helped. Having a brain that does not work properly is simply an illness like having a cold or diabetes. Something is not right.

    On most days though, I think screw it. We have enough problems and the world would be a better and safer place without this guy, after he has been convicted of course.

    Just ponder for a second, what has to be so broken in you that you would do this? Maybe it can be fixed or maybe it's just best to remove the defect from the system.
  25. It’s not about “fixing” what’s broken inside him. It’s about PUNISHMENT for what he did.
  26. This kinda stuff is the reason you don't let a 4 year old go to the bathroom by themselves.

    Hope this guy dies a slow and excruciatingly painful death.
  27. Careful there Brother.

    In similar discussion I related a case I handled about a "mom" stupid enough to leave her 11 year old daughter in an unlocked running car while she "ran inside the store ". Daughter was stolen with the car, daughter was raped.

    I got accused of blaming the mom, even though I eventually arrested the rapist. :headscratch:

    (it was still STOOPID to leave a minor unprotected )

    But hey, it's GT-TOC, so watch your back. :couch:
  28. I sooooooooooo totally agree... where the hell were the parents?!?!?!
    There is NO EXCUSE good enough, to NOT watch your children in this type scenario!

    Oh wait, maybe they are parachute parents... you know...
    the type of parent(s) that drops in, AFTER, the damage is done.
  29. I would not want to risk infecting the ants and getting mutants :)
  30. Who let's their 4 year old go to the bathroom unaccompanied in a public restroom? I sure as hell dont! I have a four and a six year old and never let them out of my sight in public. World is full of deviant sickos!
  31. It’s impossible to fix. You can’t change someone’s sexual orientation.
  32. This happened in a McDonald's? Guess he wanted to show her his "special sauce".

    Yeah, I'm going to hell... :D
  33. I might impulse think that. But IMO not worth the possible damage to myself.
    Just end them as quickly as practical. Don't risk harming yourself.

    If he is mentally broken. My understanding is he can't be fixed, will do it again. If you know a light switch will kill someone someday. You replace it. Destroy the damaged one so it can't cause harm.
  34. So no cruel and unusual punishment for a man who definetly used "Cruel And Unusual Punishment" having sex with a four year old girl, scarring her for life? The man needs to be pained a whole lot then executed. If not that, then I'd settle for sentencing him to life and putting him in an Oklahoma Women's Prison's "Main Population"...that oughta do it...PBIAMF!!!
  35. Well that "Spanish Inquisition" by the Democrats was a disgrace to say the least. Of all the crap I have seen in the last 40 years that was the absolute worst, FOR SHAME!!!
  36. He shouldn't have been in the play area at all unless he brought a child
  37. My grandson will be 11 in a month. Two weeks ago he, my son and I went out for dinner. He had to use the restroom so off he went. I checked my watch and gave him two minutes. If he wasn't back in that time I'd go check on him. He was back promptly, however if I'd had to check on him and discovered some piece of filth were trying to abuse him in any way there would be only two of us walking out of there alive.

    That little boy is the single most important person to me on this planet, just as anybody's child should be to them.
  38. How on earth is it possible to take a pee, wash hands and find a way to open the door without touching the door handle in only two minutes? ;)
  39. wood chipper is over rated for some crimes.
    i've been catching a lot of sharks lately.
    if your guilty, i wouldnt mind trolling you through the pass for a few times.
    i will use steel leader to.
    yes, i have no conscience and it would be fun.
  40. Don't even waste the gas. Put him in it and just bump the starter so it goes a revolutions each time. If the battery gets weak partway through just throw a charger on it for a bit. Dude's not going anywhere; he'll wait.

  41. I’ve had a change of heart guys, anyone rapes a child and is convicted - it’s complete castration and life imprisonment in a gulag of serious regime.

    POS can still dig roads and break rocks for at least another 60 years. Then when he can’t swing a hammer any more, he gets to be fertilizer for the crops. Not burying the scumbag... you get no grave for abusing children.

    Killing and/or torture is too easy. Let him work in chains until he dies.

    Too much?
  42. I had a good day today. Not reading that linked story today. Maybe next week.

    Keeping this a good day.
  43. @15 yrs ago the wife and I were at axMcDonalds with play area. Nobody there. Air hockey, some other games so we played after eating, went and got some deserts. I walking back, just handed wife her ice cream cone and employee says "the play area is for children, and their parents"
    Nobody was there. We were not in the Nasty ball pit, climbing the tubes... Just Playing air hockey after eating.
  44. Is prison a punishment? Rehabilitation? Or revenge?

    My understanding is rehabilitation is not possible with such people. Correct?
    If you keep him in prison there are costs. Chance for escape, chance he will hurt staff, guards, volunteers... Our current capital punishment is stupid. Expensive, slow....

    You torture him. Are you that much better then he is? If you allow other inmates to rape him? Does that make you mortally better? There are many idiots who cry at the thought of a vicious rapist, killer of children being mistreated in any manner. " all he needs is to be understood"
    Convict, review case, give him half hour to make his/her peace... No fancy meal. $20 limit reheated in kitchen.
    They donate body to science. The lab can spring for last meal.
  45. I love the donating body to science part friend, and I agree that torture for torture sake isn’t right.

    After reflection I felt like the scumbag could be of many years use to society as property of the state. I feel like that’s one of the few things the soviets got right, the Siberian gulags.... not mistreatment by other inmates or guards, not necessarily; just a never ending supply of backbreaking work every single day. Forever.

    After castration, of course.

    F****** Child Rapist...
  46. Some years ago a group of 4 guys in the video game section of a local casino saw a young man follow a very young girl into the ladies room. They went in to check and found him trying to molest the girl. One went to call the police, the other three "detained" the guy. In other words, they beat the #### out of him.

    Local sheriff's department showed up, arrested the molester and left. No action against the guys.
  47. Send him to Riyadh for some Saudi justice.
  48. Demonic possession for sure.