Some of my favorite things...

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    There was a similar post elsewhere that turned into an interesting read. So, I thought I would present this to the Glock Talk folks.

    So, here it goes…just some of my favorite things.

    Footwear: Asolo FSN 95 for hiking and range, Clark Roar and North Face trail runners for casual. I just got a pair of Lowa Seekers…the jury is still out on these.

    Socks: Smart Wool light hikers or PhD’s. Smart wool has been my go to sock for several years. They are extremely comfortable and wick moisture well.

    Pants: Columbia Lander – durable, and not a bad price when on sale. Wrangler carpenter pants (<$15 from Wal*Mart), not so durable, but at under $15, who cares. I tend to like pants that have a smaller “cargo” or “accessory” pocket to carry my phone…I hate carrying a phone on my belt or front pants pocket.

    Shirts: Since it’s cold, I’ve been wearing a lot of Henley shirts from Gander Mtn. They are thick and good for concealment.

    CCW: Glock 19 or 17 in a Blade-tech IWB. I just ordered a Raven Phantom, but turnaround is running 40 days…so, I’ll have to wait to try that one out. LCP in a Galco Stow-N-Go

    Watch: Seiko 6309 (Circa 1984), G-Shock Mudman, Casio Pathfinder PAW 2000 (New from Christmas ’09).

    Other: Wilderness belt, 5 stick. I wear these for about everything, except a suit.

    There you have it...just a few of my favorite things.