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Some Guy Just Called Me A Perfect A**hole This Afternoon.

  1. Right after my colonoscopy. :D

    He said see him again in 5 years.

    Didn't get a bit of sleep after drinking the Suprep last night; that is some nasty stuff, but the pharmacist said that does the best job.
  2. At least you’re good at something. Perfection takes work.

  3. The prep is the worst! glad it's done had mine about a month ago
  4. Pics or it didn't happen..

    Oh wait!
  5. Hum. I've been called that a time or two, but under radically different circumstances. :eyebrow:

    Glad everything came out well in the end.
  6. you cannot claim or use that moniker unless you are a politician
  7. Good on you Willie-Pete! Colon Cancer and diverticulitus are caught and treated by routine colonoscopy for those at risk. The recommendation to first get this test is at age 50, then once every three years.

    I was 33 years old when I had a perforated colon from diverticulitus. I ended up with an emergency colostomy and had a near death experience when I died on the operating table and was revived. I had that colostomy from April to December of 1986 when they did surgery again and hooked me back up. There is a strong family history of diverticulosis on my maternal and paternal sides of the family. That makes me high. risk and I get checked
  8. My wife died of colon cancer in 2001. My three kids have had colonoscopies regularly since they were 25. The oldest is 48. The Dr thought her cancer was genetic. I’m 79 and have one coming up in November.
  9. It's my wish that all of you never have anything less than a perfect *******. Best of luck.
  10. Some Guy Just Called Me A Perfect A**hole This Afternoon.

    Wow, what a 5#!tty thing to say. Still, I'm sure you appreciated it. ;)
  11. I wish I could get onr
  12. LOL,me too,good for another five years.
  13. Have them on a regular basis. The prep is the worst part. I have had to take MoviPrep the last couple of times. First time when I got it at the pharmacy I asked the clerk if it came with popcorn and a movie. He was bewildered at my question and asked why? My response was "this is movie prep isn't it?" He didn't know what to say. LOL
  14. Read DAVE BARRY ON COLONOSCOPY if you have never read the essay, do it its HYSTERICAL
  15. Colonoscopies are old hat for me.

    Both parents had some form of colon cancer so they started me having the procedure every year for 5 yrs then they switched to every 3 yrs because they never found anything of concern in any of the previous procedures. Still nothing.

    Last one used propophol. They had a nurse anesthesiologist working under the supervision of an anesthesiologist MD. They told me her name was Kelly. I said "Hi Kelley" and then it was like she'd thrown a switch, nothing gradual, I was gone. No after effects whatsoever.

    Yeah, prep stinks. Don
  16. Here ya' go....just a little bit of creosote here and there....looks good to go....

    chimney before.JPG
  17. No thanks.
  18. Google colonoscopy songs on You Tube, there are some very funny ones!
  19. The prep is far worse than the actual procedure as long as they give you the good drugs.
  20. I have one scheduled in a few weeks... been 10 years since my last one. I’m hoping the prep stuff has improved in that time.
  21. Just had one Thursday, same here little sleep the drink of choice was 2 12oz. bottles of lemon flavored magnesium citrate even in the fridge cooled did not help but I held it down. It was so nasty.
  22. Did you tell em " thanks, I bleach" ? Glad everything is gtg
  23. They gave me the good stuff, propophol as above. Good stuff. I could see how Michael Jackson got hooked. They are taking to me one minute and a second later I don't remember a thing.

    I wake up with a nurse telling me they blew me up like a balloon and I could not leave until I expelled all that gas.

    I was passing gas so bad, it reminded me of the ride in an AF hypobaric chamber.
  24. Short answer is NO.
  25. We could use some anal bleaching around here just to help these Aholes lighten up.
  26. Congratulations on your colonoscopy. :moonie:
  27. You are a smart man to get the test done regularly. I’m about due to go thru it again soon.
  28. Don’t forget the dollar bill!
  29. Did it for the first time at 48. Prep was no big deal. Procedure was no big deal. Do it.
  30. The best part of a colonoscopy is breakfast after it’s over.
  31. I had one last month. Suprep was easy, they found 3 polyps, non cancerous, but I have to go back in 3 years. This was my second one.
  32. I’ve always want to go get mine looked at.

    mine has a crack in it
  33. I had mine done and was told I didn't need to return for 10 years...I was a little disheartened to look the other day and seen it was 7 years ago..The room of shame was the worst. You know where you were all put in the same area after the procedure? I couldn't look anyone in the eye...lol
  34. That Suprep must be an acquired taste.


    I thought I was going to up-chuck it all.
  35. That **** is farking NASTY.

  36. upload_2020-9-22_21-11-0.jpeg
  37. The prep is 100x worse than the actual procedure. Lay down, go nite-nite, wake up.
  38. He didn't understand it at first but....

    He got it in the end.
  39. That is exactly what I had. The nurse said , " You're going to start feeling a little bit sle ".

    I woke up 30 minutes later with another nurse telling me to fart.
  40. Ah, yes, the post-scope farting is glorious!
  41. A perfect a-hole? No sh*t?

    As for the prep experience:


    I won't say it was pleasant, but I didn't mind it.
  42. Gotta be better than Miralax and Bisacodyl.
  43. Like campfire seen in blazing saddles?
  44. My latest one was in March. I asked the nurse if I could still go home as soon as I farted. She said don't worry about that anymore because they use something besides oxygen to inflate people now. I just can't remember what it was. I am thinking co2 for some reason, but maybe not.
  45. I had my endo at Loma Linda VA Medical Center in SoCal.

    Yeah - nasty so I just took a couple of Fleet Enemas and hoped that would work. It did and the doc said I was really cleaned out like he hadn't seen before.

    I digress. There was a guy arguing with the admitting nurse that he was here for his colonoscopy.....

    "But Sir .... you were here yesterday and the day before and you had it done four days ago!"

    "No I didn't - I must've overslept and missed it, so I did the prep and here I am" he said.

    "Listen" she said, "We did this four days ago and you keep on prepping and coming back - now for the third time. You've gotta quit doing this to yourself" she barked at him. ​

    I know that they gave me some sortta amnesia-anesthesia that made me forget the whole thing.

    I called the VA and apologized for missing MY appointment too. I told the nurse that I must've somehow slept through the whole day and missed the appointment (the VA hates for anyone to miss an appointment).

    "Oh no" she said, "you were here and we've got the pictures to prove it".

    They must get a lot of that.............................

  46. I think they used swamp gas on me.

  47. Obviously nobody’s perfect. Plus perfect is 10 years. That or he is eyeing a Porche down the road, say 5 years. :whistling:
  48. I mixed it with 7Up.

    I liked the Propofol, too. Best nap I’ve had in a long time. Woke up feeling great!
  49. When I was in paramedic school, I observed an endoscopy (down to food tube). They recorded it with a video camera. I queried as to why? The resident said that too many people kept freaking out when they got a bill for a procedure they “never had”, and contested the bill. They showed them the video. This was in the 90’s
  50. Take drugs and get anal probing. I can’t wait!