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Some guns that we wish that we'd have been offered - and some I never knew existed....

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm profoundly appreciative when other collectors reach out to me to share little known information. Whenever this occurs I ask what if any of it I can share with the forum. I, of course, abide completely with the wishes of the person who entrusts me with the information.

    Along those lines, a sale flyer and price list was recently shared with me on the condition that I share only specified and limited information about it with anyone. I am bound to share only what I was told that I could.

    So, the following is what I'm able to share. I think that many of you will find it very interesting.

    The following guns were offered to members of the GCA in the early to mid 90s. While I can't share the prices I can absolutely assure you that they are a tiny fraction of what most of these guns would bring today.

    More importantly, I never knew that some of them existed at all. The good part is that these are out there somewhere. Perhaps some lucky dawg on GT will find one or more. At least you'll know that they exist and can thus keep an eye out.

    Here are the most interesting ones....

    Some I never knew existed. Others are guns that we have but I thought that you'd like the item descriptions.

    1) G20 SN: JxxxUS. Prototype narrow frame, special mags, 2 pin frame, 2 mags with gun.

    That's right folks, the SN is JxxxUS. No second letter. I knew about this one. In fact, I missed one by a couple of months. The mag well is a bit smaller than the production 20s. Production 20 mags won't fit these guns.

    2) G21 SN: JxxUS. Prototype, narrow frame, 2 special mags, 2 pin frame. Only two produced.

    I never knew that this even existed.

    3) G22 SN: JxxUS. Prototype, 2 pin frame, 2 high cap mags,, 9mm diameter barrel.

    I never knew about this one either.

    4) G23. SN: JxxUS. Prototype, 2 pin frame, 2 high cap mags, 9mm diameter barrel.

    Never knew about this one.

    5) G22C: ATAxxxUS. Prototype for current C guns. One gun each model made. With comp cuts like the G-24P. One of a kind in this model.

    I don't quite follow the description but I typed it here verbatim.

    6) G19: ANxxUS. Prototype, made from cut G17 frame, pebble finish. Barrel and Locking block G17 so standard G17 and 17L.

    I have no idea what is meant by the G17 and 17L comment?

    7) G19: DNxxUS. Pre-production made from G-17 cut pebble finish frame. Using G19 locking block and barrel. Never sold commercially. Glock advertising flyer showing gun.

    They are referring to the 1988 G19 flyer that was given out at the '88 shot show which features a DN prefix G1 19. I believe that the gun sold here is that exact gun.

    So, the seller is indicating that the locking blocks in the AN and DN G1 19s are different. Very interesting. While I know a bit about collector Glocks I know little of the differences between the locking blocks. For you guys in the know, how would I tell if the locking block in my AN prefix G1 19 is the 17 or 19 type??

    8) G17: AAxxUS. Early model G17 with small diameter barrel. Pebble frame. Unfired.

    How cool is this one??

    9) G17 training model: TLxxxUS. Earlly model safe pistol. Red frame, slide firing pin hole not cut through. Cut firing pin.

    This is the first TL prefix training model that I've ever heard of!

    10) G20 cutaway. SN: JGxxxUS.

    This is the first JG prefix cutaway that I've ever heard of!!!

    On this one list we have a TL prefix trainer and a JG prefix cutaway. Looks like our assumptions that trainers started with T and all cutaways except the hand made AT gun started with JQ were wrong. Wish I knew more about both of these guns.

    11) G24P: SN: AUTxxxUS One of the first 200 imported into the US. Later pistols designated 24-C. Model is no longer produced. Replaced by the G35.

    The latter part is interesting. Obviously they've made the 24C on and off for many years. Interesting that he calls ATA prototypes and AUT production.

    There are others on the list but these are the really interesting ones. Man, how I wish that I could have bought them all. I would have done so in a second.

    These guns went dirt cheap. It's like looking at a 1981 class III catalog and seeing guns for a small fraction of their current worth.

    Hope that some of us find some of these eventually.
  2. Why must you torture me. Your a evil evil man sir lol. But I might have something soon that will peak the interest of everyone. [emoji6] Be safe ron

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  3. MAN!! Now you've really got me - and I'm sure everyone - wondering!! Can't wait.
  4. The first post is completed.
  5. Interesting read.
    Really makes you wonder where these pistols are now?
  6. Same guy bought all the J guns supposedly.
    The rest are with GCA members or their families- or lost.
    It makes one wonder what other guns are out there that no 1 knew existed.
  7. Theres only 1 of those I have heard of refrences of before. That would be the J serial number G20 prototype. Those are some pretty rare guns. Just think if you had all of that list!
  8. If I had known about this at the time I would have bought them all and believe me all of them at the prices being asked combined were not that expensive
  9. I wanna know what happen to the prototype for the glock 17. Now I think that well fetch a pretty penny as I recall. Glock designed it for tge austrian military and the rest is history.

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  10. That 17 would be really cool.
  11. Yes it would be an awesome addition. Now I wonder what glock did the the xm17 trial glocks that they submitted.

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  12. Would be neat to see those in person
  13. Which 17 are you guys referring to?
  14. I was referring to the very first 17 ever made. Meaning the prototype for the submission to the austrian military.

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  15. The first 17 ever made would actually be AB000. The AB prefix guns were the first guns made with Glock 17 on the slide.

    The original Aust military guns were P80s.

    The prototype of those were the P82s.

    I don't know what exactly was submitted to the Aust military for trials. I'd guess some very early P80s after seeing the P82s? Don't know.

    The AA in the ad is an AA pencil barrel. They are rare as, unlike the other PB runs, only some of that run was imported while some were sold in Europe. The first G17s produced were the AB prefix. The first imported into the US were the AF.

    I know that some of you know this but this is for the others.
  16. The prototype model 21 at the Cody museum is labeled as serial number prefix UP. I wonder if there were multiple versions as they tested and ultimately decided to make the frames larger.
  17. Ron,

    Thanks I always learn something new from you. You ever think about writing a glock for dummies book with all your valued information.

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  18. I forgot about that. Do you have a pic of it?

    I'm not sure why they went with the production size instead of the J size. Looks like the same happened with the other J prototypes.
  19. Thank you Sir!!

    Unfortunately, until I would just never have time to do such a project by my self. I've said many times that those of us on the forum should do a book together. There is a tone of knowledge here. Much of it's not written anywhere else.
  20. You're most welcom.... I agree with in reguards to the knowledge found on here. But as they say if its ment to be it will happen.

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  21. G-d willing I have 11 years of working full time until I can at least cut back. If - and I hope it's not the case - we've all not done some sort of reference by then I will absolutely try to write something hopefully along with some others on this forum and some others who are not.
  22. Probably a Google Document which can have a handful of people contribute to and modify would be the best way to do it.
  23. I second it and then have it published with credit to all who contributed.

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  24. Glockhoarder,

    I have a 24P labeled box in the BMC prefix range that is later than what you seem to describe toward the bottom of your "wish list" (have the pistol also). Did you mean that only the first 200 pistols in the AUT prefix would have been 24P's? Or that the only 24P's made were in the AUT series? I do not have any reason to believe my label is a fake or reproduction. I also have an ATA prefix 24 in the original box.

    The knowledge and contacts seem to be here to find the answers, but we are all still learning along the way.

    Been collecting for several years and maybe I will jump on the boards and post a bit, but mainly prefer to lurk and learn. If I ever make it to the minimum post requirements I will get a pic loaded.
  25. I am the same way. I lurk and learn and jump out and say something that peaks my interest. Theres so much to learn with the older glocks it can be overwhelming at times for a newbie such as my self.

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