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Sold Pending Funds: For sale is a Krebs Custom AK-103 in 7.62x39mm built on a Russian Izhmash Saiga base rifle. It was purchased in 2011. Mr. Krebs is not making these rifles anymore using real Russian base rifles because of the import ban, and it’s doubtful he ever will again. As a result, this is a rare and collectible item. It has all of Mr. Kreb's custom touches, including:

· Tuned Trigger group
· Removable muzzle brake
· Dehorned and Smooth edges
· Tuned Custom Krebs Safety
· Krebs Solvent-Proof finish
· US Palm AK Battle Grip

The rifle has about 100 rounds through it, basically for sighting in and a day at the range. The rifle is immaculate inside and out with only a little finish wear on the front sight post from zeroing, and where the safety rubs a bit. The price is $1995 plus $50 shipping. If interested, you can reach me at the email address in my profile (preferred) or via PM.

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