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SOLD G23 .40 Gen 4 for sale

I'm downsizing a bit, and this is my only 40 cal.

The pistol is in excellent (almost like new) condition and the upper has only seen exactly 13 rounds of .40 through it. I mainly used this gun as a 22lr conversion platform (with an Advantage Arms conversion kit - already sold separately) - so the lower has also seen a few hundred rounds of 22lr. In the little use it has seen, I have had no reliability issues at all.

See photos below - slide and barrel have the appearance of never being fired outside the factory.

The gun was never carried - but there is a small mark on the right side of the slide - see photos. I couldn't get it to show up very well because it has to be in the light just right for it to be seen. It's more a product of the new Glock finish than anything....seems like all you have to do is set the gun down for it to get a mark. But, it's not a collector’s item, it's a Glock.

Also has bright 3-dot night sights an extra 13 round OEM mag (4 total), and all the normal Glock stuff that came with it.

Prefer FTF at an FFL anywhere in PA (I travel a lot for work so can meet almost anywhere), but will ship FFL to FFL for an additional $20.

FTF sales will also receive 50 rounds of 165 grain American Eagle and 37 rounds of 180 grain Blazer.

Price: $450.... now reduced to $425!

Will consider straight up trade for Ruger P90 or P97 in good condition. Prefer FTF at PA FFL for trade, or you ship first. Not looking for any other trades.

Please know the laws of your state before offering to purchase this firearm.

I can accept discreet Paypal (F&F or you pay G&S fee), or I can accept credit cards directly via my Square account (I send you an invoice, you pay online, and I never see your CC number). Of course, cash in person is always good!

Questions: email weswarren (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Text: 8 1 4 – 2 3 2 – 0 6 1 two.

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465 Posts
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Reduced to $425. With the extra mag and night sights, this really is a great deal on a like-new gun. Message or email with questions. Thanks for looking!
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