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G19 gen 4 9MM - $475

*** Final price reduction, now includes shipping from my FFL to yours ****

Selling to thin the herd a bit and fund a Sig carbine purchase. This is a great gun, I love the desert sand look. I had it at the range once and got a few "nice looking Glock" comments.

I'm unsure of round count but it isn't very many, maybe 100 or so...I can't remember exactly because it's been so long since I shot it....this gun has really been a safe queen. I have had zero malfunctions.

On the outside, it looks almost 100%. There are a few marks on the inside of the slide where the cerakote has warn off a bit - see the photos. These are in the same area that all Glocks get a little wear when fired. That said - this is a great looking gun and the exterior looks virtually untouched!

I also have a You tube video of the gun here:


Comes as it did from Glock: case, three 15 round mags, lock, cleaning brush, etc.

This gun was over $650 new, I still have the original receipt.

Will ship FFl to FFL for freee. FTF at any FFL in western PA is ok too....check it out before you buy.

Paypal F&F, or G&S + fees, or cash in person.

Please know the laws of your state - my FFL will not ship to any states where this gun is illegal, including but not limited to CA, NY, MA, etc.

Please PM me here for contact info. Thanks for looking.

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