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Advantage Arms 22LR Glock 19-23-32 Gen 4 conversion kit with 4 mags

Turn your Glock into a 22lr shooter with this conversion kit. Swap out the slide and mag and you are good to go.

This kit has seen a few hundred rounds through it – I tried a box of Federal standard velocity (Walmart) and it didn’t cycle very well. I then switched to Armscor high velocity and I had no issues it all. The instructions do say high velocity ammo is required.

These kits are hard to find used, and new they sell for $250 plus tax with only one mag.

If you’ve ever used one, you know that they do need a break-in period in order to cycle reliably – I’ve already done that for you!

It’s a great way to hit the range for a lot less $$$ than 9mm, .40, or 357 Sig. It’s also surprisingly accurate.

This kit includes everything that came with it, plus 3 extra OEM 10-round mags.

Price: $195 shipped directly to you via USPS Priority Mail. No FFL needed. Can also meet FTF almost anywhere in PA.

Only reason I’m selling is I have also listed my G23 Gen 4 for sale (under the Firearms category), and I have another 22lr conversion kit for my G20. I will consider a package deal for this 22lr kit and my G23 – make me an offer.

Please know the laws of your state before offering to purchase this item.

I can accept discreet Paypal (F&F or you pay G&S fee), or I can accept credit cards directly via my Square account (I send you an invoice, you pay online, and I never see your CC number). Of course, cash in person is always good!

Questions: email weswarren (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Text: 8 1 4 – 2 3 2 – 0 6 1 two.

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