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Softening of the USA: Even Our Gangstas!?

  1. It's the fluoride in the water... :upeyes:
  2. :rofl:
  3. Damn Homie, we can't go rob that liquor store cause they gots a restraining order against us. . .
  4. Sounds like fearmongering to me.

    Violent crimes are down, but gang membership is up!!! Oh no, the sky is falling. Let's expand the police force even more.
  5. Obviously we need to outlaw Boy and Girl Scout troops to help lower the rise in gang membership

    Will that drive 'Thin Mints' into the black market? :dunno:

  6. As long as we can still get our half a dozen cases of various Girl Scout Cookies every year. By any means necessary!
  7. Restraining orders give basically *zero* real protection just by their mere existence, but may give cops a reason to pull someone who is violating one off the street that they might not otherwise have.

    I can see that actually helping in some way.
  8. :rofl: thats great
  9. The restraining orders are generally to disallow congregation of members of a gang with each other. That way, cops can drive down the street, see three or 4 hanging out on a porch or something and can arrest them for that. Or out on a corner selling drugs. Even if the person who physically has the drugs is on a cell phone a few blocks away and runs them up to the buyer, the main group can still get busted and broken up.
  10. Nice. Surely that prevents crime.
  11. Let all good people be armed. And shoot to stop all bad people!