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SOE Lightfigher Vest / SOE Battle Vest

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by USMC03, Oct 31, 2003.

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    May 3, 2001
    Southern Colorado
    For Sale:

    1) SOE Lightfighter Vest in excellent condition, OD Green with Black Edge Tape. The vest has (4) mag pouches that will hold 3 AR15 / M16 mags or 2 FAL / M14 / G3 magazines. There are a total of 4 pistol mag pouches mounted directly to the rifle mag pouches. The rifle mag pouches are flanked by 6"x6" misc. pouches (these are located on the side in the area of the rib cage).

    I also have a matching OD green with black edge tape camel back cover that attaches directly to the SOE Lightfighter Vest and (2) SOE 1 Quart Canteen Covers that can be added in as a package.

    SOE Lightfighter Vest

    SOE Camelback Cover

    SOE 1 Quart Canteen Cover (x2)

    ***SOE Lightfighter Vest Only $265 SHIPPED / DELIVERY CONFIRMATION***

    ***SOE Lightfighter Vest with Camelback Cover and 2 Canteen Covers attached to a USGI belt with MALICE Clips $315 SHIPPED / DELIVERY CONFIRMATION***

    SHIPPING / DELIVERY CONFIRMATION is paid for by ME for buyer's living in the USA, all others must pay shipping.

    To purchase an item please contact me directly at

    Please don't send me Personal Messages or Instant Message, I've had problems with them in the past.

    I accept Paypal (buyer please add 4%) and USPS money orders.

    Thanks for looking