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Discussion in 'California Glockers' started by Fireslayer123, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Feb 5, 2009
    I currently live in Northern Nevada and I will be moving to San Clemente.

    I carry a G26 ccw and compete with a G34. All of my buddies tell me that I will have to leave my guns behind because California doesn't allow guns.

    Well I know that they are over reacting, but I am curious as to how bad it is in Calif as far as gun ownership.

    I know that I won't be able to carry ccw, but is it OK to shoot in the desert or do I have to find an indoor range?

    Seriously,,, is it that bad?

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    Within 60 days of establishing residency in CA, you are required under CA law to register any handguns you bring with you to CA.

    Registration is done by sending in a New Resident Handgun Ownership Report and $19 per handgun to CA DOJ BOF.

    You can not legally bring any large capacity magazines to CA.
    You can dissassemble your large capacity magazines and legally bring the magazine parts to CA, which you can then use to make permanent 10 round magazines or keep as magazine parts and never assemble them while in CA.

    It would be easier to go to an indoor range, unless you want to drive 2-4 hours to find a patch of BLM land where it is legal to shoot.