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So y'all seen that George Floyd 8min bodycam vid yet? (link)

  1. DailyMail got ahold of it. Someone recorded it with their phone from a computer monitor. You can bet they didn't want this getting out for common folks to see. Not yet.

    Honestly it's about what I expected. Typical resisting, making excuses and begging, claims he 'just lost his mom' (she died 2 years ago), claims he can't get in the police cruiser due to claustrophobia when he was just taken out of the driver's seat of another vehicle, goes ape****. Drugged up and poppin' at the seams.


    Regardless of whether you think Chauvin and the other officers restraining Floyd committed a crime, committed actionable negligence, or did nothing wrong at all ... this at least explains how he got in that situation, and maybe even why Chauvin had no interest in giving him another chance to make trouble for them.
  2. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. One thing I did learn ... he's not that kind of guy.
  4. Interesting.
    I am no LEO, nor do I have specialized psychological training, but he did seem genuinely fearful of being stuffed.
    That said, I think the officers "may" have been able to calm him down somewhat, and have been able to better control him in some manner; his agitated state certainly did not act in either party's favor.
    Just a little less struggling and he would be alive today. Excessive force? I do not know, but if I was being selected for a jury it would be very hard to not be influenced by his quite animated state.
    This video should be spread. It does show a LOT different angle than the one we see with knee on neck.
    As they say, 2 sides to every story.
    Truth? How will an impartial jury ever be selected???????
  5. 3 FUNERALS how many thousand mourners for this POS...### him
  6. He was "I can't breathe"-ing LONG before he ended up on the ground, that's for sure.
  7. That's what a overdose of fentanyl will do to ya. And smoking meth with it. The meth-assisted panic attack makes the heart race, body needs more oxygen, fentanyl is depressing involuntary breath response ... pop fizzle. An unintoxicated, healthy person would not have died. But excepting for a mental illness scenario, an unintoxicated, healthy person probably wouldn't have behaved in a way that required such restraint in the first place.
  8. I'm not saying he deserved to die, but he did bring it on himself. The world is a better place w/o him. Now that I've seen this, I think Chauvin should be exonerated.
  9. He's on drugs man. Wasn't it meth and then some? Anyway yea, it's genuine albeit drug-induced fear. He was tripping out.
  10. I am overweight. I laid down (on carpet) with hands behind my back. It was more effort to breath. It sure looked in other video that the pressure on his body was very little after very short time. (This one still loading so maybe it clearly shows that). IMO no matter what. The Officer was wrong to not take action (gestimate, from weeks ago memory) @2 minutes in.
    “Listen. I will set you up, you will cooperate. Then we will stand you up and you will get into the squad. If you fight us you will be right back on the ground. Deal?” Type thing.
  11. Was that a (used) cigar the officer placed on top of the vehicle? @5:22
  12. He was on several drugs and full of booze too.
  13. Meth, but not really that much. Also THC, amphetamines and morphine.

    But plenty of fentanyl - 11 ng/dL (7.5 ng/dL is the lower end of the lethal dose range).

    Dude was pretty much a drug store.
  14. In a civil suit, I would think George Floyd should be found 70% responsible for his own death.
  15. Exactly what I figured. This is why it wasn't released.
  16. I wouldn't have thought it was even possible to panic on plenty of fentanyl. He may have been on some kind of perma-trip of anxious madness from a life of drugs i suppose
  17. [​IMG]

    "Thao asks his fellow officers whether Floyd is high.

    'I believe so
    . We found a pipe,' Kueng replies. Lane says: 'We found a weed pipe. There might be something else, there might be like PCP or something.'

    When Floyd continues to wail that he can’t breathe, Kueng is heard telling him. ‘You’re fine. You’re talking fine.’

    Floyd replies: 'I'll probably just die this way.'

    'I'm through,' Floyd says. 'I'm claustrophobic. My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. I need some water or something, please.'

    'Then stop talking. Stop yelling,' Chauvin replies. 'It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk.'

    As Floyd stops moving Chauvin keeps his knee on his neck, despite complaints from a small crowd that has gathered.

    'Check his pulse,' one man says repeatedly. 'You call what you are doing okay?

    But the other officers do little to stop Chauvin. At one point Lane asks: 'Should we roll him on his side?' But Chauvin replies. 'No, he's staying where we've got him.'

    'Okay,' Lane says. 'I just worry about the excited delirium or whatever.'

    'Well, that's why we got the ambulance coming,' Chauvin says.

    By the time EMTs arrive, George Floyd is dead.

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar...s-moment-moment-arrest-George-Floyd-time.html "
  18. But I'd say closer to 99%.

    Don't: [1] Be a violent felon, [2] resist arrest, [3] pass counterfeit currency [4] take multiple illegally obtained drugs.

    Do: [1] Shut up, [2] Cooperate with police if you get caught.
  19. They sat on this one until after his funeral which rivaled those of "heads of state". The scam works much better with emotional investment. Creates unwitting support and cover protests for the communist revolution they were about to unleash. Bunch of grifters.
  20. Nothing he did warranted his murder.
  21. Gee, I guess don't be a POS criminal and fight the cops. He brought it on himself. Not inferring you're defending him, just saying.
  22. Watch it before it disappears.
  23. why was it necessary for the cop to point the gun at him in the beginning? That likely set the tone for the hysterics to follow. This was badly handled from the get-go.
  24. You would need to see the time UP TO THAT point to see why.

    You think the cop did that for no reason? I have more respect for the police than to imply that.
  25. so what was the reason?
  26. He kept moving his hands around where the officer couldn't see them. Try this, go out and do something to get the police to stop you. When the officer walks up to you car keep moving around and reaching around your car. After the officer tells you to keep your hands where he can see them. Go do this, heck even video it and share the officers reaction.
  27. He did ask him over and over and over to show both hands.... which he neglected to do for quite awhile. Maybe he had his gun drawn due to that fact and hesitant of what might be coming next.

    Just my observation.

  28. I didn't need this video to know that George was a lifelong scumbag and was being just that on the last day of his life. But, I'm glad you posted it anyhow.
  29. Until you're unable to.
  30. ORRR, the entire police dept. had dealt with him many times, knew about his propensities and none were going to take any chances with this POS.
  31. I don't know. I saw the same video you did.

    You immediately stated the cop was wrong, judging him on the first 10 seconds of the video.

    I did not, as I don't believe that the police are "out to get me" or anyone else for that matter, and that they don't pull their weapon - taser or otherwise - without a good reason.
  32. And a 90% occluded right coronary artery while high and resisting.
  33. Ask enough people you will find this does happen.
  34. Except that it was a suicide. 1.5 times the lethal limit of fentanyl. Floyd was a dead man walking before the cops arrived.
  35. If you and and two of your "trained" partners can't subdue a man who is already cuffed behind his back and laying face down on the pavement without putting your knee on his neck for 8:46, you suck as a cop, and should have been an accountant or a dentist or a software engineer, or something else that fits with your physical abilities..
  36. Ask enough people and you'll find we never landed on the moon either.
  37. He hadn't been arrested in the last 13 years...
  38. Reason has not been publicly posted AFAIK. The cop who did it is in STFU mode, so unless he explained it before he was fired, we may never know.
  39. America burned for this guy. Many were killed.

    Top comment on DailyMail

  40. Technically seven. He spent six of those 13 years in prison.

  41. Ya know, when you were deciding on a username, you shoulda stopped with just "tool." More accurate.
  42. Doesn't matter of he spent 6 of those 13 years on Saturn... He hadn't been arrested since 2007, and not once in MN...
    So the comment that the police "knew who they were dealing with".. not so much....
  43. You're absolutely right. He wasn't arrested while he was in prison.
  44. How about just saying “Yes Sir Mr. Officer”
  45. White folk arguing over a man that would beat them to a pulp if given the chance.
  46. The police officers will be acquitted.
  47. I’ve been saying it since the incident happened. All the emotional tulips with their hurt feelings accosted me.

    I said murder 3 was an overcharge let alone murder 2. The country burned over that POS thug. Then he got a funeral fit for the ****ing Pope. Total clown world.
  48. It sure sounds easy, doesn’t it? Usually, it is. Until it’s not. Drugs, alcohol, and mental issues all change the game. If you’ve never played, I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

    What does that have to do, with anything? BTK killed from the ‘70’s to the ‘90’s, but wasn’t arrested until 2005. He wasn’t a good guy, in the ‘80’s, even though he hadn’t been caught, yet.

    Very few criminals get caught their first time. Generally, it dozens or hundreds of times, before an arrest. When talking rape and murder, bad guys get away less, but still way too damn much.

    The vast majority of my contacts, when I was in LE, were non-arrest, even non-criminal. On midnights, where I arrested a lot of people, most contacts are still not with arrestees. There are also a lot of times where you know someone is doing something, but due to various factors (usually respecting their Constitutional Rights) they go free.

    It is hard for me to even imagine someone being more ignorant on a subject than you are on how LE works.