So, who's in YOUR tattoo?

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    Jun 17, 2007
    So, this lady has a thing for Glen Campbell and Elvis. Goes to a tattoo parlor, gets a tattoo of each, WAY up high on her thighs. Get the location?

    After the artist is finished, she's really proud and wants to show off the artist's handiwork.

    She walks around, strolls up to the first guy she sees. Unknown to her, he's fairly intoxicated, plus he's farsighted and has lost his glasses.

    So, she pulls up her skirt, sticks her new pics CLOSE to his face, and says, "Hey, do you recognize these guys"?

    He leans in closer, leans back,stares for a moment and says rather empahtically,
    "Yeah, thats Elvis on the left, Glenn Campbell on the right, Willie Nelson in the middle, and he's been eating fish"!!