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So what's for supper tonight?

  1. Sorry, I tried but could not find the supper thread. So I started a new one, the haters can kiss my behind.

    Neighbors brought me a mess of fresh pompano filets, so I broiled them in butter and garlic and served them with caesar salad and fettuccine alfredo. Peanut butter pie for dessert.

    Mommy and Daddy are here for Easter. Daddy is in a recliner watching Fox News, and Mommy, my BF, and the neighbors are playing scrabble.
  2. I just had me some Pupusas with Loroco. top that! and Regia cerveza.
  3. wait!. can a non hater kiss your behind also?
  4. LOL. I said that because the haters always complain when I start a new thread.
  5. I don't think anyone will match that .

    I got home late today , because I was servicing my dads riding mower and then I cut the grass , so I didn't have time to fix anything good . I was planning on making baked spaghetti using ground deer , but that will have to wait until tomorrow . I had a egg burrito and beer tonight .
  6. 7-11 burrito
  7. I don’t discriminate......:whistling:
  8. LOL! You must have been starving.
  9. No , I made it .
  10. Venison burgers and sauteed parsnips with Brother Thelonius ale to wash.
  11. BLT
  12. Depends on when I decide to fix something.

    I have been putting off going to the grocery store so it will be something creative or can/frozen.:eat:
  13. [​IMG]

    nachos may follow
  14. How much ground beef do you mix in with your venison patties so the burgers don't fall apart? I use 1/3 ground beef (ground round), 2/3 venison. I have heard some people mix an egg in with the patty and it stays together, but I haven't tried that yet.

    I thought you always went out to eat.
  15. Shrimp poboy while i settle in to watch The Crying Game. Something about a chick with a penis.
  16. coors light and left over kfc. But I do have scratch made spaghetti sauce on the stove top at a slow simmer as I type this
  17. Caesar salad, french onion soup, and french bread w/butter. Coffee and blackberry pie/vanilla ice cream an hour after.
  18. Half pound of fried bacon, with Polk Weed fried in leftover bacon grease, with 5 eggs scrambled in. Toast butter, and jelly, beer or a tall rum and coke to drink. Supper for the wife and I. Good stuff.

    I'm leaving the computer to start cooking in just a few minutes.
  19. I almost went to kfc when I left my dads . I am drinking a Coors light and was going to make baked spaghetti if I had gotten home earlier .
  20. Roasted pork butt with a scotch bonnet gravy, served over white rice and jiffy corn pancakes.
  21. Shrimp Scampi. Washed down with Scotch on the rocks. tom. :eat:

    ETA Still in the washing down stage two hours later. ;)
  22. I'm batchin' it, so Marie Callender's chicken pot pie. You are one lucky lady with your pompano filets. Pompano is one of my favorite fish.
  23. I put about 1/4 ground chuck 80/20 in with my venison .
  24. Pompano is my fave too.
  25. Oh no!

    When on the road for short stays I eat out.

    When on the road for longer stays I cook/eat in the best I can.

    When on the road at home I enjoy cooking. Actually today I got a new cookbook (love Amazon) I am looking forward to skimming through before I go to the grocery store this weekend. :cheers:
  26. Balsamic chicken, green beans, kale salad.
  27. Sometimes that Scampi takes some time to wash down.....:cheers:

  28. I was hoping you'd be home for the Holiday. tom.:cheers:
  29. I LOVE Polk salad. It is amazingly awesome.

  30. Yeah, especially when it starts later than happy hour. A few chores got into the way. tom. ;)
  31. Boar's Head Turkey sandwich and potato salad.
  32. Giada DeLaurentiis ("Everyday Italian" tv cooking show) has great cookbooks with really simple recipes that are delish. I use them a lot.
  33. I am here and at my road home.

    I am home, Tom.

    My best to you, friend. :cheers:

  34. Thank you my friend. I was hoping for your Mom's home. I understand tho. tom. :cheers:
  35. Salmon on the webber. Still trying to master charcoal...
  36. I know who she is, I watch the Food Network. :wavey:

    I just cook for me usually so I absolutely love my 3qt Instantpot.

  37. Fish sticks and rice. Its Good Friday.

    Happy Easter everyone. :fishing:

  38. Giada is my favorite TV cook. When I watch TV that is. tom. :eat:

  39. And the same to you, Sir. tom.
  40. Fried catfish and a baked potato
  41. My mom just gave us her cookbook , of her favorite recipes for Christmas . The baked spaghetti is one of her recipes , except she doesn't use ground deer in hers . She called me last week and told me that I need to make her shrimp scampi . She said that she just made it , and she thinks it is the best thing in her cookbook . I have been cooking one of her recipes from her cookbook about once a week . I am going to try the shrimp scampi next weekend if I get to the store and get some shrimp .
  42. Hannie, Don't spoil the venison with beef or ???. I add in a half pound of beef tallow with
    about 10 pounds of venison while grinding. Holds together very well for patties etc.
  43. I had fried catfish with the family tonight.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7re4D15-Aaw
  44. It is late enough such that if you are somewhere with choices you should go out to eat.

    It might be a good night
    for some grilled salmon. I also found the garlic mashed potatoes and the Mondavi bourbon barrel age cabernet enjoyable.

  45. That was last weekend and we went to a Mediterranean/Greek restaurant that she wanted to go back to for a second visit.

    She thought we were splitting the bill so I ordered much food for us to try/share. Otherwise she would not have agreed.

    We had a table full of great food and had a wonderful lunch. Of course I got the bill saying Dad paid last time so it was my turn.

    She doesn’t go out much but she loves going out for good food and spending time with her baby. I love spending time with her and showing her new places/food.

    Love my Momma. :hearts:
  46. I’m not legal to be in public, Bruce.......:cheers:

  47. FIFY
  48. Chipotle Burrito.
  49. Had a T-bone steak with baked potato and salad at the VFW.

    $15.00 and delicious.

  50. [​IMG] venison polish

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