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So what do we do

  1. So, after reading some articles about overt and covert racism, my question is what are we supposed to do?
    One thing that suprised me is that colorblindness is racist, so treating everyone equal despite race is wrong.
    People are screaming for changes but no one says what changes.
  2. I hear calls for disbanding police forces.

    That's a change.:rolleyes:
  3. As long as white's cower and be submissive it should be okay.

  4. Because this proves they are influenced by outside sources. SOROS funded sources. They are only to destroy at this time. They are not trying to fix any political issue or they would be more organized. The only organization at this time are setting up protest, getting the trouble makers there, and rock/brick deliveries. See this for what it is. Russian collusion part II.
  5. If there's a liberal city stupid enough to actually do it, it should be interesting to watch.

    People are amazing, and not in a good way.