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So what did you have for breakfast today?

  1. You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    I just had a bacon & egg sandwich on buttered wheat toast, orange juice and coffee.

    Me being nosy again it's what I do.
  2. Bacon, eggs, grapefruit, coffee.
  3. Egg, sausage, grits and toast.
  4. Everything bagel with cream cheese & coffee.
  5. Kit Kat Coolatta
    Bagel & Cream Cheese
  6. Strong coffee, black.
  7. Bacon, 2 eggs, toast, and coffee. Same as every morning (except I reserve bacon for the weekends).
  8. Girls Raised In The South?
  9. Same as always; bowl of oatmeal, apple, 'naner, big glass of milk.
  10. Corned beef hash and 6 eggs
  11. Since this is GT.....

    The above is not true, it is just marketing to get people to buy more junk food.

    I will go back to my coffee now......
  12. The same thing I have for breakfast most mornings , a fried egg sandwich , on toasted wheat bread , with butter and grape jelly on one side and a glass of water .
  13. Me too. Just black coffee.
  14. A dozen spicy sausage links, 4 eggs fried in the sausage grease and a pot of coffee.

    Now I'll go sit on the can and wait...
  15. I never eat breakfast.
  16. I had G30SF/F-250
  17. Texas girl.
  18. Coffee.

    Going out for early lunch for wife’s birthday. Don’t want to take up too much room...

  19. I usually only eat it if I am hungover and need it to cushion my stomach for some Goody Powders.
  20. Udon noodles, turnip greens, Thai chili peppers, bok choy, ginger, ice water, yogurt, green tea, dark chocolate.
  21. Now that makes perfect sense.
  22. [​IMG]
  23. For breakfast?
  24. I like having breakfast for dinner sometimes.
  25. A glass of V8 juice to wash down my pills, an orange, a banana, waffles, bacon and a mug of green tea. tom.:eat:

  26. Breakfast of Champions maybe in Korea?

  27. If its biscuit and gravy. :eat:
  28. 2 eggs, sunny side up, ham steak, buttered whole grain toast, and Promised Land Chocolate milk. It was eggsellant!
  29. Yeah, I got hooked on Asian breakfast after spending time in Tokyo and Singapore. I've never liked eggs. Sometimes I go with a Scandinavian style breakfast with herring, gravlaks and coarse rye bread. Yogurt, green tea and dark chocolate are pretty much a morning staple for me.
  30. 2 big bananas, a can of grapefruit sections, orange juice, coffee and 3 Mrs. Dunster chocolate sugared donuts and a few Camels.
  31. Nothing so far. Refrigator has been broke for over a week. I bought a little dorm size frige last week so my options are limited. Good chance it'll be Cheerios like everyday.
  32. [​IMG]
  33. Sausage, eggs, and toast...I like simple and consistent.
  34. Three eggs scrambled with sausage and cheddar cheese. A healthy smattering of hot sauce and black slightly sweetened coffee.
  35. 2 EGGO waffles with Real Vermont Maple syrup, and Lingonberry preserves, coffee.
    The waffles are because of PRODUCT PLACEMENT (damn) from STRANGER THINGS series.
  36. Fried egg, warm buttered muffin, coffee.
  37. Nothing YET..
    Just woke up, It's 11:00am here, My blood sugar is 322
    Was up till 4:30am
    50 units of Basaglar & 16 units of Humalog
    Have had Diabetes for over 40 years
    Starving but food makes your blood sugar increase & it's already high so Nothing for me for a few hours..
  38. That or an omelette, hash browns, pancakes, waffles....:eat:
  39. Eggs, bacon, orange juice and coffee.
  40. No pics, because it's long gone, but I made myself a chorizo, egg, potato and cheese burrito. It was pretty good. I wish I would have had a bit of tomatillo verde.
    The wife got "organic" orange juice. Not so great. Well definitely take some getting used to.
    Why does orange juice, usually I get Minute Made, go bad so soon after opening? I cannot usually finish a whole carton on my own.
  41. two eggs over easy two eggs over easy hash browns with onions and peppers one Bratwurst coffee toast with homemade strawberry jelly as usual I eat breakfast alone it would be nice to have someone in my life to share breakfast with
  42. 8oz NY strip med well, two eggs over easy, fresh hash browns w/salsa, two pieces dry toast, hot cup of coffee, cream and 1Equal.
  43. Mary Kitchen corned beef hash with 3 eggs over easy on top.
  44. I tend to rotate through various breakfast cereals so this morning it was oatmeal squares, a scrambled egg with some shredded cheese tossed in and a glass of milk.
  45. I think I got Diabetes just reading some of the breakfast choices here....
  46. Two eggs, over easy.
    Three strips of crisp bacon.
    Cup of HOT eight o'clock coffee w/ one sugar.

    Finished up with a thick slice of banana nut bread, toasted.
  47. Call me next time! :wavey:

  48. I hope you find someone racer.
  49. hannie, just had the same breakfast as you but on white toast.
  50. I need to buy some SCRAPPLE.