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    Preface: Up until this past year, there were two versions of the YZF-R6 motorcycle. The current, more modern version, R6 and the R6S, which used to be the only R6 until 2005 I believe, when they introduced the new and improved R6. Since the R6S was discontinued this past year, there is only one version of the R6 again. Anyway...

    A few months back, I was trying to buy an R6S from a guy that lives about two hours away. At the time, I was willing to drive another hour to see the bike because school is about an hour from me in the direction that he lives. I told him when I had school and to call me with directions so I could come see the bike after class. He didn't call me until three days later. He wanted me to come look at it on Sunday. He said he didn't call me before because he had to go see his girlfriend sing at some creme de la gay festival, or some other such nonsense. I told him that I was not driving a total of four hours to see the bike on a day I didn't need to go in that direction for anything else, and he obviously had other priorities besides selling the bike. Good bye, I didn't hear anymore from him.

    Fast forward to a little while ago. He e-mails me out of the blue and says he will now sell me the bike for $6000 because he has to go back to Italy at the end of the month. I look it up on NADA and the bike is now only worth $6060. It was worth about $6500 when we were first talking, and he wanted $7900 for it because he had only put 210 miles on it. We almost agreed on $6700 but I never got to look at it, as I mentioned earlier.

    I explain to him that I had cash when we first talking and that I would now have to get a loan if I were to buy the bike. I also explained to him that my bank would only loan me 85% of NADA value, so that is all I would be able to offer him. So I tell him $5150 is all I can do. He says he will finance me the rest. He then sends me a NADA page that says the bike is worth $7500 or so.

    Get this. He wants me take that to the bank and show them that the bike is worth more, so that they will loan me more money. But the page is for an R6(~$12,000 MSRP), not an R6S(~$8,000 MSRP).

    First off, they don't go by what I bring them. They go by the VIN, which will automatically direct them to the proper model and value. Second, why the hell would I voluntarily get a loan for more than a bike is worth, by almost $1500, in the first place?

    I am not making this up folks. Are there really people out there that are this dense? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question)
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    Oh yea they are. When I worked at a local MC dealer we had people come in with ZZRs and try and make us give them trade value for ZX's. Stupid people are all over.

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    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.

    - Albert Einstein