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So many questions

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Was it glock fault? Was it glock owners fault? Just kidding....Guy got lucky while being stupid.
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Watched the vid.
That cat looked unafraid...looking for a possible meal.

One hand on phone ,other on a gun?
At that range , even a low skilled handgun owner could empty rounds in that cat using a 2 handed grip.

Honestly ,love wild animals...have saved a few in my 62 years...

But , if the ''HUNTERS' see us as ''PREY''.....IMHO...easy decision.


Watched the video 10 more times.
Don't think he fired a warning shot ,just missed.

He fired right when the cat tried to charge....KUDOS...Brave wait..yet....IMHO...DUMB.

Personally ,
I would have fired the second saw he was stalking me!
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