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FiremanMike;11522530 said:
1. Cops ***** about other cops as much as firemen ***** about other firemen

2. That belt is hard to get used to, and getting in and out of a car is going to take practice. Several times while in those large crowds my hand kept going to my gun (not on the grips), but I was paranoid about it!

3. My whistle means less to traffic than I had expected.

4. There was an injured football player in the locker-room that was transported by EMS, I realized watching them that I was not going to miss EMS at all.

5. Not EVERYONE hates cops, actually most people were quite pleasant :)
1. You didnt know that? Remember what goes around comes around.

2. Practice and dont worry about the "paranoia". You will get used to riding the gun with the inside of your arm or using it as a rest.

3. Whistle! We dont need no stinkin whistle! Seriously I have never used a whistle since I started in Feb 2003.

4.Yeah well dont tell anyone that you can do it or you will get volunteered for the duty.

5. That is normally the case at family oriented functions. Go to a bar and close it down and you have 400 people that hate you in one place.

Congrats on the first function and welcome.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts