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snubbies of color....

  1. snubs color.jpg

    snubs color 2.jpg
  2. 1BB89528-99E4-45B1-BA74-581FB7331846.jpeg
  3. Love It!

    Anything to get them to say "WTF is that guy got in his hand" is just enough to claim the edge...

    Keep Em Guessing!

    Love the Black/Gold combo...
  4. The Taurus could pass for a toy gun. Nice collection, i like snubbies as well.
  5. No offense but those guns are ugly.

  6. 0303202032a.jpg that dark charcoal gray of the nitride ( over stainless) is a color, befitting the serious nature of the big Bulldog.
  7. 20190520_160716.jpg
  8. What in tar nations??
  9. My holster for the zombie Taurus Polypro:

  10. :)
  11. Stainless or blued steel for me. Although, my 442 is neither.