Snubbie shootout! A range report!

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    Feb 11, 2001
    I am always bad about getting out reports on my snubbies. Too many sticks in the fire...too many horses in the barn, etc! Well, I built some some target stand brackets and wanted to do more shooting drills on paper. My usual setup is paper @14 yards and then steel at 18, 25, 30, 33 and 50 yards. Now you can learn about your snubbie shooting at those distances but I wanted to try more realistic distances!
    Here are the new target stands:

    new stands.jpg

    The beauty of these stands are..... all the 2X4's slide into the brackets and nothing is permanently attached. Break down is quick and when I break it down, all I have are flat boards and four brackets...which is wonderful for transport!!

    First snubby up was the Taurus Polypro and here she is:

    snub PP in holster.jpg

    My zombie revolver rig! Now this is one of those snubbies that, shooting slowly at longer distances, you learn doesn't have the greatest trigger or best aligned sights. But drawing and firing quickly at 5 yards, all that is negligible!!
    The drill was = one low and then one high on one target (5 yards), and then the same on the other target.... as fast I felt comfortable. Ammo used was Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. - 158g - HP. Here are nine shots (each area) on the left target:

    snub PP left more.jpg

    and here is the same on the right target:

    snub PP right more.jpg

    Now a lot of people poo-poo this snubby, but I now have 620 rounds thru it representing 7 different offerings and she has never hiccuped...not once!

    Next up was my Charter Arms Shamrock! I put in a spurless hammer and put on old school grips!(oh, and painted the front sight!):

    snub SR.jpg

    I used the same holster for the Shamrock...actually for all three - Not a perfect fit for the Charters but not bad! Ammo used was Geco -158g -FMJ

    After some practice drawing (those slim grips make it so different), I commenced to shooting. Here is 12 shots each zone on the left target:

    snub SR left more.jpg

    And now here is the right target body:

    snub SR right more bottom.jpg

    and the right target head:

    snub SR right more top.jpg

    This is the snubbie I would most likely carry so I'm glad she is performing well.
    Totals for this gun since new: 150 rounds representing 2 loads

    Next up was my Charter Arms Goldfinger. Of the three, this is my favorite one to shoot. Comfortable with the big grips, and accurate. But (but but but) she has issues I had nine light-strikes out of a box of fifty...using Geco -158g -FMJ. Looking back thru my records, this is the sixth different brand of ammo I have had light-strikes on. Guess I can't blame it on the ammo any more!!
    The other issue is the cylinder release pin that runs thru the rear of the frame. It actually screws into the cylinder release latch....and from recoil vibration, it has started rotating into the latch. Thus, less of the pin protrudes and when you hit the cylinder latch... and it gets harder and harder to release the cylinder! After about 15 rounds, I have to take a small screwdriver bit and back the screw/pin out some. Might be time for as trip back to Charter.
    Anyway, to show you what it can do (and I may have even done better without the stress of no-fires) here is the right target body:

    snub GF right lower again.jpg

    And...left target body!:

    snub GF left lower.jpg

    Totals for the Goldfinger: 650 rounds representing nine loads. Pity about the Goldfinger... she was probably never going to be in the carry rotation...but too many light strikes to even make it range fun!
    Anyway...there you go! A snapshot of where these snubbies are at their respective round count!

    Parting shot. When you are shooting sets of four rounds...and you have a fifty round have two rounds left over. I took a shot at the wee silhouettes on each target with the remaining rounds. Here is the result with the Shamrock on the right target!:

    snub SR small target.jpg
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    Jun 17, 2020
    How does the Taurus compare to the Charters for quality?

    I've got 6 Charters and I love them, but the quality is very poor. You can even tell from a hi-res photo. As if the machinists had been dozing off from time to time while they worked.

    Meanwhile, Taurus look great in photos.

    I bought an LCR that didn't cost any more than a Charter, and the quality is just on a whole 'nuther level.

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    Feb 11, 2001
    I don't have a recent example of a Taurus.... My old Taurus 851 is head and shoulders above the ones shown here. I like my LCR ok too!
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