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Snub Nose Revolver class OKC Gun Club Sept 25

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Ok Prdator, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Oklahoma City Gun Club presents,

    Claude Werner, Snubby handgun Class. Sept 25th on the Plinking range.
    This class is dedicated to the “small revolver” you know the one you carry all the time and shoot very little. You will lean the best way to maximize this tool.

    Cost on the class is $175, Non- OKCGC members will have a $25 range fee as well.

    Snub Nose Revolver Skills Development

    This is a one-day skill building class particular to 5 shot snub revolvers.

    It will emphasize marksmanship development, gunhandling skills, and carry techniques.

    Learning objectives for the class:

    * Make hits with the snub, not just noise.

    * Carry the revolver in a low profile way and practice deploying it.

    * Reload the revolver efficiently and with confidence.

    * Employ the snub in re-enactment of actual life preservation situations.

    * Shoot a state recognized Concealed Carry qualification course.

    * Learn appropriate practice techniques and drills to keep your skills up after the class is over.

    Attendees will receive a training certificate sufficient for obtaining a Florida Non-Resident Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

    Equipment requirements:
    * 150 rounds of range ammo (not +p); wadcutter target ammo is fine,
    * 10 rounds of your carry ammo,
    * hip or pocket holster that covers the trigger guard (no shoulder or crossdraw holsters),
    * serviceable belt,
    * speedloader or speedstrip of your preference,
    * ear and eye protection,
    * hat,
    * writing material, and
    * water.

    Limited to 12 students.

    Claude is one of the foremost authorities on the Snubby revolver, its use and deployment. He has won numerous IDPA Championships using Snub revolvers and is the former Chief Instructor of the elite Rogers Shooting School.

    Please Email me at to reserve your spot today.

    Co-Chair of Training OKCGC.