Snow 2010 Aftermath

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    Hey folks -

    I'll be cleaning up from last weekend's Global Warming event, well into this Spring. I got the camera out this afternoon and snapped a few. See the carnage here:

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    Sep 19, 2001
    Just a preview of things to come.

    As you will remember from your geography class, ten thousand years ago, global warming changed the earth's climate into the Ice Age. The current trend in global warming means that another ice age can happen again in as little as 100-years from now, if pollution of the atmosphere doesn’t stop.

    As the melting of the polar ice caps pours fresh water into the oceans and dilutes the salt level, the temperature of the ocean currents begin to drop. A mere drop of 13 degrees will cause the world's climate system to changes for the worst.

    Draw a line across the U.S., parallel with the top of Kansas and continue that line all the way around the world. All of the land mass and oceans north of that line will be completely covered with snow and ice to a level and degree that makes civilization as it exists today non-existent.

    It will not be unusual to see softball size hail in Tokyo; snow in New Delhi; tidal waves on each coast; and tornadoes in Los Angeles that hit all at the same time. In the U.S., the government will have to evacuate everybody in the southern states to Mexico and unless the evacuations start early enough, it will be too late to evacuate the people in the northern states.