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    This is a snip from a post I made in a thread in Tactics and Training. It's a lesson learned that ought to be shared here, as well.


    A long time ago, when I was a lowly college kid, I had a Criminal Justice professor who was probably the most hard-bitten retired cop I have ever met, then or since. He was a veteran of three tours in Vietnam (infantry Marine), and 20+ years on the Job, including multiple shootings (working graveyard in the Projects for most of his career) before he became head of the agency's Training unit.

    He asked a question to the class once, to the effect of "What do we 'know' about police officers, in general?". The question didn't relate directly to the topic of shooting, but of course I tried taking it in that direction.

    Naturally, being young and stupid at that time (and believing I knew everything there was to know about combat, owning to the fact that I trained Karate, read every gun book and magazine I could get my hands on, and shooting a brick of .22 every weekend), I said "Most of 'em can't hit the broadside of a barn."

    His response: "So what?".


    It took me a long time to figure out what he meant by that. Obviously, he didn't mean "firearms proficiency is a non-issue" (not with his credentials). After serving in the military, seeing some combat, and then coming home and being bugged with questions and opinions (especially opinions) from people very much as ignorant as I had been, I finally figured out what he meant.