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Snatch (movie) on HDNET channel now

  1. Great cast. Bricktop talking now about feeding corpses to pigs.

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  2. I don't get that channel. But I do get the Fox News Channel where they are showing the Trump Inauguration Parade.
  3. One of my favorites. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is another.

  4. I can barely understand half of what they are saying.
  5. I too hate it when the limeys can't speak good english. I use the cc mode a lot.
  6. Trying to understand the Pikeys is part of the fun.

    Yelike dags?
  7. I can understand them just fine, but I did live over there for two years.

    I'd post the Desert Eagle monologue, but that would get me an infraction.
  8. Dennis Farina has a nice quip on that to Bullet Tooth Tony.

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  9. Lock Stock is good, but like this one better.

    RocknRolla is also worth seeing. Haven't seen Revolver yet.
  10. Rock n rolla is another great movie.
  11. You beat me to it.
  12. Snatch is an all time under rated movie. Buy the DVD and there's an option for Pikey subtitles only.
  13. One of the best movies ever made.
  14. I tried watching that movie and gave up, might as well have been in a foreign language.