"free" cellular text messaging??

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by MB-G26, Aug 7, 2004.

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    I just got an email ( generated "invite") to sign up for this service, via my Az sister.

    Any experiences?

    From what I can gather from their website, the user "earns" a certain number of "free" text msgs and beyond that the user's cell phone bill is charged - which doesn't sound all that "free" to me.

    Apparently there is sw to download to one or both of (a) computer and (b) cell phone. The aspect of cell phone virii comes to mind, both re sw DL and re infected msgs (i.e., attachments to text msgs? do they work like that, have "attachments"?)

    The "profile" is pretty ridiculous and of course their TOS requires "true and correct" profile info. (Profile info includes:
    Height, weight, gender, "sexual orientation", age, country, hair/eye color, "body type" and "mood", Zodiac sign and "interests".)

    Hunt tho I did, darn if I could find the "pricing" info referred to as being available on their "Help" pages.

    I don't really think this is something I'm interested in - but would appreciate info re any personal experiences w/this thing or related advisory info in general. The attachment here is a text doc of excerpts from their TOS, Privacy Policy, FAQ and "Help" pages.