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Smooth trigger?

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I have my Glock 43 that I like. However I hate it's serrated trigger. On all my other Glocks, like my 26, I'll trade it out for a G17 smooth trigger. The 43 being what it is makes this not possible. I did try an aftermarket trigger but I didn't like it. It didn't feel quite right and it wasn't OEM. I like to keep my Glocks stock. Is there a way to get a Glock OEM smooth trigger on a 43?
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I’ve been thinking about this for my 43. I read somewhere that people have replaced the 43s wth a smooth one for the 17s but I have no idea if that is legit or just some internet nonsense. I’d love to know, hopefully one of the Glock gurus can chime in and let us know.
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