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Smooth trigger?

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I have my Glock 43 that I like. However I hate it's serrated trigger. On all my other Glocks, like my 26, I'll trade it out for a G17 smooth trigger. The 43 being what it is makes this not possible. I did try an aftermarket trigger but I didn't like it. It didn't feel quite right and it wasn't OEM. I like to keep my Glocks stock. Is there a way to get a Glock OEM smooth trigger on a 43?
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My g43 is a bit painful to shoot, the trigger safety blade protrudes too much IMO. I don’t want to mess with the factory trigger so I am considering and aftermarket one.

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Don't do the aftermarket, just yet. You can file the safety down so it doesn't put an imprint in your finger when you pull the trigger. Not saying for you, specifically, to do it, if you're not comfortable, but it's clear the little 'blade' sticks out too much at the break, on some Glocks. These are micro adjustments only needing to be done by a genuine Glocktard (or a professional).
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