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Smith and Wesson model 36

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I'm looking to pocket carry. Yes, I know its heavy. The desantis seems to be the favorite holster for any pocket carry. The model 36 has an exposed hammer. Anyone here have a pocket holster that will cover the hammer? I don't see much that would cause the hammer to pull back and release, but its a thought. No, I'm not looking for the responses from the "carry an unloaded gun" crowd. Thanks for your help.
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I carry J-frame Smiths in my pocket quite regularly, and the hammer has never been a problem. I simply place them in a pocket holster to somewhat conceal the outline and protect the muzzle and that's it.
Try Go to pocket holster section and check out the model called DEEP COVER POCKET ROCKET REVOLVER. From website:"
An excellent pocket solution for small revolvers with standard hammers. Reinforced shroud entirely covers hammer and provides thumb "push off" to improve drawability. Finished in an attractive two tone combination of black and chestnut. Available for J frame Smith & Wesson revolvers with 2 inch barrels, Colt D frames with 2 inch barrels and similar size revolvers from Taurus and Charter Arms in our inventory. Also available in single color finish, black or chestnut.
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:cool: I carry the S&W J frame in an Uncle Mikes pocket holster or IWB holster with the clip cut off. They are cheap and comfortable. I been using one for over two years and I think it will last two or three more. Don
Mostly I wear Levis, and the tight pockets make it difficult to get my Model 36 in or out, so I gave up and carry it in a leather Bianchi IWB. Works fine and the draw is quick.
Have you thought about getting a 642?

You know, weighs only 15 ounces, and has the covered internal hammer.

Just a thought, if you haven't already thunk that thought :)
You could have the hammer bobbed. This way you could cock the trigger if you want to. You could also get the original bodyguard j frame w/the recessed trigger. I too vote for the 642, but if you want to shoot single action, then not a good choice.
I have a Galco pocket holster made specifically for the 36. It covers the hammer w/o interfering with the draw.
Yeah, I don't want to bob the trigger, want to keep it all original. I will check out the Galco pocket holster.
This is an old 36 with sentimental value, so it won't be changed. I've thought of a 642 when I can afford it later, but size wise I feel I'm better off saving for an auto.

Is it me or are the new J frames a bit shorter than the old 36?
Mine's old also - dates 1969-70 - which is why I don't want to butcher it up.
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