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Another one of my impulse purchases. It has approximately 10 rounds through it. Includes the box, factory goodies and also the following:
241 rounds of Surplus 300 Gr FMJ Copper plated ammo - in 50 round bags
80 rounds of Hornady gr FTX ammo in factory boxes
I won't separate it because I have no use for it. The Surplus ammo stuff is super smooth shooting and enjoyable (relatively speaking, im 6'2 220 and it makes me grin ear to ear!). This is SIGNIFICANTLY smoother shooting than my previous 4 inch S&W 500, which I hated to shoot. I just dont hunt, or have any use for a cannon other than when I got my Barrett 50 cal, I went on a 50 cal kick with this, the Desert Eagle, etc.

$1500 shipped for everything.

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