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smallest, lightest, EFFECTIVE revolver?

  1. my daughter is inexperienced with firearms. she's not afraid of them (she was raised in my house); but she never had a great interest in them, either. she now has reason to be.

    she understands she will need training. but as a professional woman who will be having a baby this year, training/extensive practice will likely not be as expansive as either of us would like.

    in my mind, she needs a SIMPLE, effective, LIGHTWEIGHT revolver to practice with/carry.

    What does the brain trust here recommend?

    btw...she's a pipsqueak (5'3").

  2. Oooh...define "EFFECTIVE." A .22 is better than nothing, but obviously very weak for self-defense. .22 Magnum will hit a bit harder and be louder and scarier than .22 LR (on both sides of the gun) but very controllable. If you want the lightest, look for the S&W Airlight series.

    If she might be comfortable with an autoloader, it would be hard to get smaller and lighter than the KelTec P32 in .32 ACP.

  3. thank you, Sir! I appreciate your reply.

    We will check those out!