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Mas, It is good to see that you and yours are staying safe and well. My question is not so much for me, as I managed, with some diligent watching of on-line ammo sellers, to recently obtain a 250-round case of Winchester 1 Buck, and a meaningful number of 5-round boxes of 8-pellet Federal Tactical 00 Buck, to replace my aging cache, but for those among the readers with less luck, I am asking you, please, to address some of the other 12 Gauge ammo choices.

You addressed 1 Buck recently, in April, so no need to cover it. (I hope this link-pasting works.)

T Shot loads, made for very large waterfowl and for thin-skinned predators such as coyotes, is in stock, at some ammo sellers, when no buckshot sizes show to be available.

#4 Buck is not plentiful, at sellers, but there were times that one large ammo seller, at least, had #4 Buck, as the only in-stock buckshot.

Before I retired, I was only allowed, by Hxxxxxn PD, to use #4 or 00, for defense of self or others, 24/7/365. When I could not find fresh low-recoil Federal Tactical, and before the alternative low-recoil Remington 8-pellet 00 was available, I would carry two rounds of #4 on my duty belt, which I would select-load into the chamber, when entering such places as apartment buildings and rooming houses. (In the pre-internet days, finding Federal Tactical was no easy matter.)

My wife worked for the Harris County (TX) M.E. For 20+ years, as a forensic death scene investigator, (not morgue doc,) so she saw plenty of shotgun death scenes, but she only remembers cases involving birdshot.

Sorry for typing so much! Thanks!

Please do remain safe and well!

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Hi, Rex --
With no departments using large birdshot, it's hard to find a data set on it in the anti-personnel context.

While #4 buckshot does have a history in LE, it largely went by the wayside due to lack of penetration, particularly at distances. When #4 was touted as an "urban load" the shotgun was still the primary long gun available to most police, and shots at distances often had disappointing results. The 27 .23 caliber pellets quickly lost momentum. At typical across the room home defense distances, though, I'd expect to worry less about penetration unless my home was invaded by Sumos.

I'm still partial to #1, but as you found, it's harder and harder to get these days.

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